Mbye's best position

The question was asked which is Mbye’s best position.
I genuinely think halfback.
This isn’t an agenda thing. It’s a reality thing.

I actually think Centre is his best position

His defence is fine and that wont be an issue

He also is a tackle breaking runner and a good creater but perhaps not quite good enough for the halves but will add real value setting up wingers or backrowers

Think this could be the making of him and it clears up what we need around a fullback

You really need to ask his missus that question

5/8 go watch his 2015-16 highlights he’s amazing

@tony-soprano said in Mbye's best position:

He looked bad at centre last Friday I was at the game didn’t take any runs or involvement at all in attack. I cannot understand the move surely Momirovski is a better centre.

Thats 'cause Mbye played FB, Centre and I’m sure he was 5/8 at one stage too…Madge has to stop shuffling players around

@Sco77y Maths Teacher used that joke on me

@Vegemite Haha, I heard it from a relative. Couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard it - and it probably wasn’t the most appropriate of circumstances on that occasion!

I have no problem with Mbye he is s good footballer he needs Madge to find his spot, just seems to be unsettled atm … I have no doubt that he will come good . If he can stick his head in a scrum I reckon No 14 is his role a great utility that could be used in the backs and forwards .

holy moly

just looked at his 2015/2016 highlights, when he played at 5/8 and half…

not bad,

@Sco77y said in Mbye's best position:

Left right out

Exactly what came to my mind, although I like Mbye.

@TheDaBoss But his decision making in that position isn’t the best. If he knows when to do what, he’ll be a threat

@tony-soprano pretty sure he wouldn’t have trained much at centre given he was in the origin camp and was apparently not told until the Thursday before the game that he’d be playing centre, I think it’s not a fair assessment of him (or the rest of the backline for that matter) based on the performance in that game…

@TheDaBoss said in Mbye's best position:

holy moly

just looked at his 2015/2016 highlights, when he played at 5/8 and half…

not bad,

There may be a few highlights, but the reason he was shifted was because he sucked. He’s more of a utility in my opinion, but given time, and stability, and a decent team in front of him, I think he would still make a pretty decent fullback.

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