The ONE player Tigers need

Which player, any player, would benefit the Tigers most if they moved here to the Wests? From anyone out of the NRL, who do you think it would be? Our Centres lack and some of our forwards & backs.
Go ham…

Actually several in this case !

Latrell - a gun centre, and he can kick

Latrell Mitchell- Ctr, Wing, FB and a 5/8 if your desperate

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@Squeak Agreed, although I’m really liking Thompson at FB. The good thing about Ponga is he plays FB but acts like a Half the way he positions himself on the field. He is like Teddy in a way how he is always around the ball in attack and is always creating opportunities and correct me if i’m wrong but Tigers aren’t capitalising on the opportunities they get…It frustrates me to Space and back!!!

If the Liddle experiment doesn’t work out we need a new hooker more then anything.

So I’d say Damien Cook. Would look great in a Tigers jersey!!

Cameron smith 5 years ago.

@Spartan117 said in The ONE player Tigers need:

Cameron smith 5 years ago.

That would be the day I stop supporting the Tigers.

Realisitically (no Ponga, Mitchell etc),

I’d say the Lomax, Schuster types are the ones we should be going for. There was a rumour back in March we were signing Schuster due to his links with our Flegg coach - anyone that saw him in the nsw u18s will know how much of a talent he is. He could change our pack, and then we have to get him to stay. The other option is to offer TPJ a million a year and hope he earns it.

Well there are two things we desperately lack: a real strike fullback that can spark our attack (like Ponga, Tedesco, Trbojevic, Munster or even Papenhuyzen); and a forward that generates a lot of momentum (like Taumalolo, AFB, Taupau, Klemmer, TPJ or Kikau etc). If I could take my pick it would probably be Tom Trbojevic.

Cody Walker
Damien Cook
Dane Gagai
Alex Glenn
Tevita Pangai
George Burgess

@Matto to infinity and beyond

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