The ONE player Tigers need

It’s a tough one but I’d say Jarryd Hayne or Ben Barba.

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Bunty Afoa

Not sure about that, but at the very least he’d get the crowd on their feet.

He’s good …goes hard !

Cool name as well lol

Plod rating

Speed 2/5
Explosiveness 4/5
Ability 3/5
Experience / number of games 2/5
Wrongness of head 5/5

16/25…fit right in

I love the wrongness of head thing. Can you please advise how this is calculated?

And I think you’re 1 short in the explosiveness rating.

Att @Geo

Rusty cage …I have him at 14/25
Explosiveness is 2/5 …he’s good !

Wrongness of head means the uglier the melon the higher the rating …lol

Att @hobbo1

You are getting the plodder scale mucked up mate…the higher the score the better the Plodder…initially brought in to compare our plodders to other teams plodders for example Jack scored a 22/25 so an A Grade plodder compared to other the plodders…the lower the score the worse the are so at 14/25 you have Bunty as a C grade plodder…not what we need…

I know how it works mate …
Bunty’s what we need …
You need to be realistic !

Jason Taumalolo / Ponga as if !!

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@Geo Ahh the Plodder Index.

I think we can safely say Geo is the Forum plodder

As of 2020 I say 3 positions.
strike FB(love Thompson but he just isn’t up to nrl standards)

Either a centre or 5/8 depends where we play Mbye (Reynolds of bench to help liddle for me)

A new attacking lock forward to replace huth
(He’s to slow)

@Geo said in The ONE player Tigers need:

Wrongness of head is essential in the plod rating…it was initially based on the Plodder of all plodders our very own Jack Buchanan…that guys head is just wrong…

Also based on the idea that ugly blokes make the greatest plodders, because they don’t need to be fast or agile to protect their face.

IMO Paul Gallen is the archetype of a plodding footballer, except that he’s such a good plodder that he ultimately played too many games and had too successful a career. But he is ugly as hell, as close to a 6 for “wrongness of head” as one can get.

But a true plodder manages an average career, where he gets selected despite his lack of talent, and absolutely never becomes a star or a rep player. The “experience” criteria I feel has not been clearly elaborated in this thread for the new folks - it is actually a measurement of # games played vs talent, i.e. you need a strong mismatch between ability and selection to score 5.

That makes Andrew Ettingshausen the ultimate anti-plodder; all players are somewhere on the scale between JB and ET.

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The ONE player Tigers need- Tim Simona

P. Sami, Apisai, L. Pulu (isn’t getting any runs at NZ)/Martin Taupau and D. Gagai/Joey Manu, Ferguson was the one we needed on a two-year contract last year but snubbed us.

Think we have to go hard at clubs youth stocks, would be crazy not to look at J. Sua or J. Hetherington - despite claims he was going to be promoted this year, still languishing away in reserve grade on minimal $. Slight injury concern - for real value.

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I was thinking about this and how odd Tim Mannah was mentioned as being linked to us (are we the next NRL retirement home? Hey it worked for the sharks).
We are weakest in the go forward.
Our spine needs work, but with Thompson, Reynolds/Marshall, Brooks and Farah/Liddle it is good. Our backs need to gel. Their not name turners but I get the feeling like they could be with a little work or one small change. lets leave the backs to settle.

Only our second row or forwards would I change. Toumalolo from the cowboys would be welcome, but the players I would pick are:
Jai Arrow,
Coen Hess
Payne Hass

Sadly Matthew Lodge has lost out due to bad character. I have an awful feeling that he got a bad cocktail of drugs or will be the next Ivan Milat or something.

In short we need a young, loyal Bulldozer.

I would try pilfering some Titans: Jai Arrow, Jarrod Wallace or Brian Kelly.

@Tiger-Tragic They all want to be north of the border though…

@Roar_Power The mail last year was Kelly was coming to us, but went to the Titans.

@tigerbenji said in The ONE player Tigers need:

@Roar_Power The mail last year was Kelly was coming to us, but went to the Titans.

He loves the ideas Mrs Prince had for the house …

@tigerbenji He would have been a bloody good signing.

SIngle player WT need:
Lock: Taumalolo, Bridges or Taupau

realistically we need a few more:
Lock: Taumalolo, Bridges or Taupau
Props: A Paasi, Taukeiaho
2nd raw: Tupouniua
Wing: Fasitua

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