WT Clean-Out List

Fold or all in for josh?

@TheDaBoss 2-7 off suit is not a winning hand in the vast majority of games

I’m pretty sure we signed him to a contract similar to Russell Wilson. 4 years, $140 million and a $65 million signing bonus. How long have the media been under reporting these things?

@TheDaBoss said in WT Clean-Out List:

Fold or all in for josh?

Grub when actually on the field playing 6 looked pretty good, if he could just stay on the field is the issue

As much as it will hurt, both financially and team dynamics wise, very few WT players in the 30 squad have really earned a right to stay- Twal, Matterson.

Most of the others would be borderline (inc potential) or not totally up to it inc Brooks (as a halfback). A few approaching retirement- Marshall, Farah, Lawrence too.

Okies lets shop 28 of em off…

Yep. All not named twal and matterson out the door

@Geo I’m not saying shop them all off, what I am saying is that finally maybe WT will have to make hard decisions and look to cull part of the herd of potential that we have waited upon and plodders down to a realistic level

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