Mannah coming to Tigers

Everyone is saying Mannah wants to come here and were going for Mannah after we lost DWZ.

Look as a player I wanted Mannah, 5 years ago. As a person, totally rate Tim. He is outstanding. I just don’t get it.

We have enough older forwards here. Maybe we need someone experienced to show the ropes but surely with Packer and Mats we have that.
Tim has a great workrate and maybe the Tigers think he could keep playing till he is 35.

Not knocking Mannah, in fact welcome. Just trying to understand how a player like Tim would be wanting to join us? Only thing that makes sense is a fight with Brad Arthur or severe salary cap issues.

@crazycat He was maybe coming to us as Brad Arthur wasn’t going to pick him in first grade for the rest of the year, and we probably would. Meaning he would then be eligible to play in ESL next year, whereas if he stayed with Eels he wouldnt be.

But theres another thread where they said all this already

And this needed its own thread, why?

Totally unnecessary thread, how many Mannah treads do we need?

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