Lawrence at the end of the game

Hope he is ok. Felt for the guy at the end of the game, didn’t look like much happened other than a mild facial.

Even if it was nothing to do with his surgery my heart will be in my mouth every time I see him down like that.

@old_man_tiger I was the same. It had me worried. It looked to me like the players were worried as well.

Copped a whack on the hip

Got us a quick play the ball despite it

Not having a dig at him but he should be penalised every time he plays the ball. Think the refs have a soft spot for him I reckon.

@Madge said in Lawrence at the end of the game:

@maxxn99 what does he do?

Just rolls the ball between his leg. Never attempts to actually connect with the ball.

@mike tbh every player now does that so it’s not just Lawrence that the refs are taking it easy on, as long as the see the motion of the foot go from point A to point B, then they play on.

That run won us the game, I thought he may have been winded?

He’s ok, he was fine talking to Thaiday in the sheds after the game.

think he was emotional

Every time he takes a hit up I get nervous now.

Heart sank when I saw him down… Please not another injury I was thinking.

@TheDaBoss said in Lawrence at the end of the game:

think he was emotional

That’s what I thought as well. Also thought he might have been winded. He was fine in the sheds afterwards.

Benji just said on Triple M that Lawrence was winded .

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