Penalty Try?

In your opinion was it a try?

I am actually shocked about the backlash about it. I think I am pretty neutral when looking at decisions but I honestly felt it was a fair decision to award the try. Cheekam stepped him on the inside and if he didn’t get him high I can’t see how he doesn’t score.

There is never 100% guarantee someone will score but I am positive he goes over there.

Posted this in another thread IMO…
It was the high contact that put him in the position where he could strip the ball. If it wasn’t for the high shot MCK would have scored. Also if it was a strip it was play-on and Masters scores. He was the one that finally grounded the ball. Either way it was a try.

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Penalty try was correct decision imo… It’s irrelevant if the high shot did or didn’t cause the loose ball… We will never know… It may have caused MCK to relax his GRIP on the ball

Incredibly poor decision. I’ll take it, but the way I gauge these calls is imagining how I’d feel if it went against us… forum would meltdown.

I dunno. He had one metre to run. I can’t see how he does’nt get it down.

How is this different to other ones where they still have 5m to chase and get a ball?

It was the correct decision and it was very similiar to the penalty try awarded against St. George in the grand final played in the late 1990’s (1999?)

It doesn’t have to be 100%…that was never the rule…it is in the opinion of the official that a TRY would have been scored if not for foul play…It is similar to the TRY in the 99 GF when Ainscough collared Smith causing him to lose the ball over TRY line …though not as dramatic of course…

I really don’t understand people’s argument that feel it was a wrong decision… High shot and strip could be linked we will. Never known as is the case in all penalty try’s

if cheekam got the ball down, u wouldnt be complaing

@WeHaveCheeKam said in Penalty Try?:

I dunno. He had one metre to run. I can’t see how he does’nt get it down.

How is this different to other ones where they still have 5m to chase and get a ball?

He landed over the line, was always gonna score. Had he not high shotted he may have been able to wrap it up. He didnt, cheekam looked dazed as he fell. Penalty try all day long unless it’s vs Melb. Donks or Cocks.

All day , every day !

Suck on a fat one Paul Green !

Can imagine the uproar on this forum had it been the cowboys who were awarded the penalty try that got them back in the game and then ended up winning the game in golden point. The fact that the on field ref called a no try should have taken any sort of argument out of the equation. I’ll take it anyway about time we’ve had some luck on our side.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a bad judge on last night.

I like winning, but these are my three least enjoyable ways to win:

  1. After blowing a big lead
  2. With dodgy or controversial calls
  3. Golden point…

Last night was the trifecta

Personally I don’t even think it was a high shot. With how soft the game is becoming next they’ll be running on the field wearing skirts.

Hope Madge has a good talk with MCK about concentrating when going over the line nearly blew the first try by clocking off and not being aware of players around him.

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