How is Matterson not in the NSW team

I am a Qlder and happy he is not but gees he deserves a spot in that team… I think Freddy has lost the plot…

@hsvjones how wade graham gets picked before him when he has just played 1 good game, is beyond me.

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Maybe the genius’s in the NSW squad have decided all out attack and try to win it that way. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

Freddy testing my allegiance

A very poor team selected for the blues,there is a complete lack of muscle on the bench i expect our pigs to be struggling not long after the interchanges start

Positive is… I can finally trade him in for NRL Fantasy and Supercoach…

Was picked for game one and Fittler said ‘no’.

You do not leave the Rorters and ‘then’ make rep teams. You join them then 'get given ’ your spot.

No way Fittler / Politis were going to allow that to happen. It has always been the Rorters big selling point at the recruitment table.

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Last point on Matto…HALF of Saints pack got picked for NSW.

They are below us on the table, got absolutely hammered today.

Sims has been terrible.

SIX missed tackles for Sims today, two led to tries…

And…gets picked over Matterson…

If that is based on any logic at all, I will dead set give up.

Its a poor team i think and Matto deserves to be in it, he would have improved it no doubt.

I’m glad he is not selected as we need him more.
The NSW team is poor in its selection and shows we have no idea on what was needed from game 1.

Whilst I hope we win I’m unsure if this squad will win it

So we still do not get it ! It is the NSWRL boys club …they are a group of untouchables …there is a group of them and it is quite simple to see who they are . From coaches through to ex players and club board members this is a fraternity of suck holes . It has been going on for decades , in the Tigers case why do you think there was action against the NRL over Farahgate just need to think about it .

Fittler says that he needed experienced players for this game which is why some of those were chosen as they’ve been there before… only reason I can think of that would remotely explain it…

I like the team. I think Matterson should be in there though. Really hope Finucane goes well. Thoroughly deserving.

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