Scheduled Downtime Friday 21 June

Hi everyone.

As it’s a Bye weekend (yes, I know there are still some games on) I’ve scheduled some maintenance work on our server infrastructure for Friday with our service provider. I expect the site to be down for about 6 hours, however I’ll be aiming to have it done faster than that.

The work is essential and this is the last opportunity to do it before October.

The works are related to the server infrasturcutre itself, not our website, hence why the site needs to go into maintenance mode for a few hours, after which I’ll the site can be safely switched back online and continue as normal.

I’ll keep this thread updated when required.

Good it’s my birthday the day before and I’m going to be on a weekend bender, somehow I’ll manage to get to Sandstone Point for a music festival in the middle of it.

Take your time Kul, ur work is much appreciated

@Kul I wish i was as dedicated as you

Any idea what time mate? Day? Overnight?

Give this a like for all the effort @Kul has put in to this website. We all admire your passion and dedication to “rebranding” this site and all very much appreciate your work. Thanks Kul

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