Thompson rejects Penrith scum and re-signs with the Mighty Wests Tigers

Wests Tigers fullback Corey Thompson is poised to make a shock switch to Penrith in a move that will further escalate tensions between the clubs.

The Herald can reveal Thompson is set to take up a two-year deal with the Panthers after rejecting the offer made by the joint-venture outfit. The diminutive fullback-winger is one of the most underrated players in the game, but has quickly become a favourite with Tigers fans for his whole-hearted performances.

In a testament to how highly he is rated, coach Michael Maguire named him at fullback for the win against North Queensland despite initially buying captain Moses Mbye to fill the position. It was widely expected Thompson would re-sign with the Tigers, but the former Bulldog is set to take up a late offer from the western rivals. Panthers coach Ivan Cleary is a big fan of the 29-year-old from their time working together at Concord. Cleary convinced Thompson to join him at the foot of the mountains after a series of secret talks.

There is no love lost between the clubs after Cleary left the Tigers for Penrith despite still having two years to run on his contract. Thompson’s deal represents the first time since then that the teams have engaged in a battle for the signature of an incumbent player.

In a recent interview with the Herald, Thompson said he was looking for the security of a two-year deal after signing a series of one-season contracts.

“The first two-year deal I had was at the very start at the Bulldogs,” he said.

“I’m really working hard for a two-year deal. I think it’s a bit hard on the mind, just playing one-year deals, when you are always off contract.

“Last year I was lucky, I re-signed in April so it was pretty much a two-year deal. I just want to work hard and show I’m an asset to the team.”

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@Tiger_Fan18 It seems to be one whack after the other at the moment, recruitment wise.

He hasn’t left yet and I guess this is his way of telling fans and the club that if I leave it’s not my fault

So it comes down to whether we have an upgrade planned who is reasonably priced and is preferably younger

If not we match Penrith offer …simples

Will forever be honored in Tigers folklore as the man who broke the Roosters hoodoo!

“And now his watch is ended”

Good luck to him if he gets a better offer from Penrith - there is a limit to what Corey Thompson is worth and I don’t want us to go past that limit.

Also if you are a Penrith fan, you release DWZ and Waqa Blake, to be replaced by Corey Thompson? Sounds like Tigers 2017-18 all over again, good one Ivan.

Undersised,full of mistakes…tries very hard.

Normally we give those guys 3 year deals.

Like him, but glad he is leaving. We just can’t carry so many “undersized” players. We need 6 foot plus 100 kilo wingers who can run the length of the field.

@ElleryHanley get rid him ASAP, if he’s going to float his own boat, not what we need RN

Not fussed either way really. Gives his all like Fonua but a dime a dozen.

Reliable, quick, solid finisher.
Always thoughts he’s Nightingale 2.0
Very handy and underrated type.
Would be pretty bad if he leaves.

One of our best… Says a lot of he leaves

He’s handy because he’s cheap. Having one year contracts also helps ensure he fights and performs well.

If he were on a 2 year 350k deal then that’s fairly poor business. He’s good but he’s not a dynamic player and has his limitations.

@innsaneink said in Tiger Thompson set to switch to arch rivals Penrith:

One of our best… Says a lot of he leaves

If his asking price isn’t ridiculous I think it’s worth hanging on to him. Even if we do manage to get some upgrades to the backline he is a very handy and capable back up hanging around in reggies.

Only played two garbage games since joining, Titans last year and last week. No nonsense and gets the job done. That being said, I trust Madge to make it work either way.

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Underrated alright. This club can’t recruit and retain quality if their life depended on it.

29 years old and he wont get better.
better fish in the ocean.

The SMH has just reported that CT has re-signed with the Wests Tigers.

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