Rep Round Targets?

How’d we all enjoy rep round?
Any players from the Oceanic Cup teams that you think we should have a closer look at?

I really liked the look of Kane Kalache from the Lebanon team.
Strong prop like Alex Twal. Really looked the goods. Currently at the dogs I believe.

Also liked Brandon Wakeham, Fiji half. Looks like Kikau.

Any other players we should look into from the games?

The 12 from PNG, Nixon Putt looked strong running the ball as did the 13, Moses Meninga.

I liked the 13 for Tonga and the 9 for NZ.

No.13 and No. 17 from Samoa and the No. 1 and 3 for NSW

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Good to see Aloiai go so well, his improvement has been noticeable. Having lived in PNG for 2 years and attending local games, its an untapped nursery, they are athletic and tough as nails, young Xavier Coates will be a Superstar of the future.

The No 5 for PNG looked quick maybe our scouts should head to PNG and Fiji take Benji and Robbie along to stir the interest of the locals you never know what they may unearth.

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