Chernobyl Tv Series

If you haven’t watched it…make sure you do!!! Just finished it and have to say it crammed so much into 5 episodes that Game of Thrones final season should hang its head!!!

Yep, great show! I watched the whole thing twice.

Vikings was also a much better show than Game of Thrones.

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Excellent show well worth watching and agree that it did cram a lot into 5 episodes

Far more importantly blackadder is making a comeback

My son advised me to watch it and i saw an episode last week and will continue to watch it as it looks very well done.Unfortunately it is tragic because it is always a possibility to happen as there are many nuclear reactors in decline

@happy_tiger said in Chernobyl Tv Series:

Far more importantly blackadder is making a comeback

well that is a turn up for the books…

now we need a new young ones…

Highest rated show on IMdB for a reason.

Somebody (without spoilers, ofc) needs to explain to me how it’s possible for a show to be built up more than G.O.T in my friendship circle yet I’ve never heard of any cast !

Sounds very good without seeing a single episode, but can somebody give me some tips as to what exactly I’ll be seeing that’s so good? Gotta decide which subscriptions to renew LOL

Yeah will try to watch this one. I have an interest in the event, moreso for how it has shaped nuclear power policy in other countries off the back of a experiment in which the primary team trained to conduct the experiment were not the ones who conducted it, and the team who did conduct it did not follow procedure.

Nuclear is still one of the highest yield and safest power generation methods despite Chernobyl and Fukushima.

@TieDye Don’t worry about subscriptions. Just stream it free online (with a VPN).

At least that’s what a mate told me. I would never do such a thing, honest.

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