Concussion Shock

@Geo said in Concussion Shock:

@MAGPIES1963 said in Concussion Shock:

Love the humour from you as well @Geo. I honestly can’t think of anything as satisfying as a good laugh☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ except for a yummy apple turnover with cream☝

I’m not joking…nothin’s there…😮

Happys latest HIA was a result of his missus belting him with a box of frozen fish fingers !

I kid you not !

@Geo said in Concussion Shock:

@MAGPIES1963 said in Concussion Shock:

G’day @happy_tiger : please get into those brain/memory exercises. Our Forum needs your humour and thoughts/feelings for many moons yet.☝ ☺ ☺

happy has had numerous HIA’s…they found absolutely nothing in there…

That’s despicable Geo , I may act the fool , but I’m certainly not the fool

@pawsandclaws1 said in Concussion Shock:

Sims received one week for a tackle which knocked Morgan senseless and was late. We had Fittler and Blocker among others making public statements in support of Sims. As soon as players receive lengthy Suspensions this behaviour will cease and player welfare improved.

In my opinion, the tackle was no different than pretty much every tackle made on a half that runs that close to the line in any game any week any year you care to recall. It wasn’t even high. Unless I saw it wrong, the head seemed to hit the chest of Sims. If he doesn’t commit to the tackle, and just lets the half go, there’s every chance a dummy is thrown and the half goes through to score. Sims was very hard done by. This is a contact game. Let’s not water it down too much.

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