321 For Souths Match

3 Thompson
2 Twal
1 Matterson

  1. Thompson, 2. Matterson, 1. Twal

3 Thompson - outstanding in tough conditions
2 Eiso - plenty of tough carries in the middle
1 MCK - need some points for the match winning try

HM Liddle - got some good minutes and showed heaps of speed
Twal - tough. lots of carries
Benji - lovely kicks. caused problems

  1. Matterson
  2. Mikaele
  3. Thompson

III. Brooks
II. Matterson
I. Chee Kam

3 Twal
2 Matterson
1 Brooks

3 Thompson
2 Eisenhuth
1 Chee Kam

3 The imbeciles that bang drums all night - they were not there
2 The ground announcer that talks out of his arse - he STFU
1 The halftime dance craptacular with WT’s 1980’s mix tape - replaced by a lame virtual horse race for a betting agency

Special commendations to The Huth, Twal and MCK

Final results for this match

3 Thompson
2 Matterson

Top 4 are now:

Matterson on 22
Brooks and Thompson on 10
Twal on 8

Roosters game will hopefully be done later this week.

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