QLD Bottom Dwellers

I can’t remember all QLD based teams in the bottom five at this point of the season and it doesn’t look like improving in a hurry. They really need Origin to lift the spirits but that’s looking shaky too. Incredible.

Yes I’m sure the NRL won’t be happy with that scenario.

I almost feel sor…nah


Really hate to see it 🤣🤣🤣

Brisbane have arguably the softest draw over the next 10 rounds

Apart from Melbourne , Cronulla and Parra they play many sides in the bottom 6 sides

Titans are a basket case , lots of injuries and lots of players who only look good when they are winning Cows are struggling post JT

But saying that I can’t see a Qld side making the semis

Qld win SOO 2-1

personally I think it’s great for league…just need some other teams to pump up…to be fair though I’d like to see the titans go a bit better…stick it to the other 2 queensland teams

Broncos have so many rookies in the backline . Possibly some good players but very inexperienced at NRL level.
Check out there team list for this weekend

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