CC - Wests v Norths

Clark with the stupid penalty this time

8 penalties in total in the opening 13 mins of the game.

these penalties are outrageous. What’s the go with the NRL boys btw?

Lam with the grubber and norths up 6-0.

Smith is quite good… his fitness and support play seem to be the two big effort areas of his that he’ll improve in. An upgrade on thompson next year (who’ll still be super effective).

If we can score any points today they’re only going to be coming from kicks. There’s simply no one that can break the line with the ball in hand. Chipping it to Bradley is about our only tactic

This side is garbage. Where’s Bilal?

Hodgson uses Bradley as nothing more than a battering ram. What a waste of talent.

This post is deleted!

Two unclean play-the-balls, clear lack of involvement by us in dislodging the ball and it’s two penalties to the Bears. Nothing beats the future NRL REFEREES, does it!?

These guys are hopeless.

How bad is that flog of a ref with the beard… hopeless every week . What a rort.

I cant stand this O’toole guy… he honestly like gets on my nerves every time he plays

4 in the tackle and no one wraps up the ball and the bears score.
Then off the next set otoole drops the kick and norths kick out through to score twice in 2 mins.

Game over. This team would come last in Ron Massey. They’re that bad. A poorly coached team of useless nobodies. Might go out, not much point in watching.

what a tackle! that’s from the flegg prop

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