Back to the future wests tigers style.

@Elderslie_Tiger I agree with you. Also Billy Smith from the North’s side looked good I would like us to make enquiries.

Benji was at fault for at least 2 of the rorters tries…

Rocks and diamonds. Other than his involvement in our tries he was very quiet.

I don’t really think they are the problem, though I agree its time for Robbie to move one. I think the bigger problem is our forward pack is a bit weak compared to other teams. We lack any star power in the centres and wing. Our fullback tries hard but will never be a fullback teams fear. So basically it’s our entire team haha. Look at the teams on paper compared to Roosters, even without the Origin players, and I never thought there was much chance for us to win. I really think Benji is one of the least of our problems. Hope that doesn’t sound negative, I think its the realistic situation. It’s not one or two players.

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I personally think Robbie should really call it a day, as should Lawrence he was manhandled at one point against the Roosters. Benji maybe one more year

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Until both these guys are gone the team will never progress …yes great players for our club but reality is they need to retire and move on with there life’s . The club as with us supporters have been very gracious to both of them but it is time to move on as both are hampering the progress of the team moving forward .

Exactly, Saints moved Benji on in 2016, the Bronco’s moved him on in 2017, and some want him as our 6 in 2020, there is a reason 2 clubs said he was finished 2 or 3 years ago, but no we will just hang on to the glory days of 15 years ago

Benjis been pretty good, Robbie has been horrible since round 2

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I’d give Benji another year easily. Haven’t seen anyone mention the pass he laid on for Momo’s try. He didn’t rush it, he took his time, composed himself, and threw a gem of a pass.

Farah can hang them up. His goose is cooked.

The problem was he was aiming for row 7. He completely messed it up and we scored.

Nah, it was a nice pass. Typical unpredictable Benji. He could have quite easily blown it, but he had a lot of time and nailed it.

@thegbone lol well that latter statement is completely untrue, but sure…

@thegbone said in Back to the future wests tigers style.:

Benjis been pretty good, Robbie has been horrible since round 2

he has not been horrible but you can see he has slowed down quite a lot, Liddle comes in and you see a big change how the team plays… good quick service from dummy half and it would be nice if he gets more game time rather than Robbie… I think it is time, time for Liddle to get all the experience he needs

wondering if there’s any young talent in WT that they can just give the jersey to and let them run havoc (succeed or fail it doesn’t matter, this is the only way they will learn and hopefully learn for the better) I can remember the days when Hodges/Inglis/Lockyer were new to the scene… they made some bloopers!

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@4jtigers people tend to totally forget this, however, if you’ve had over 5 years top-flight starting HB and can’t get the runs on the board then you’re surely never gonna be in the elite mould of the players just mentioned.

Great point though, Liddle looks great and imagine if even a few of our new dev. Signings actually come to fruition - seems we are targeting talent actively for the first time since about 2012 when we signed Teddy Blair

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