Home Ground situation needs to change

  • @MAGPIES1963 Well, I for another one - don’t think so.

  • So I’ve arrived at parramatta, parked the car at slimey leagues and have walked to church st for lunch. So far I’ve seen about 100 parra fans and about 10 tigers fans.

  • @Tiger_Steve I’m on my way in now lol. I’m the size of 10 parra fans!

  • @MAGPIES1963 said in Home Ground situation needs to change:

    ☺ @cochise: thanks for that info Cochise.
    But mate, you didn’t answer what is probably the most important part of my post re the 1st paragraph, but I respect your privacy in that regard.
    As has been said previously on this post, the financial advantage to the local businesses around the general area of whichever stadium we play at must be a massive boost to that local economy, whether it be Ashfield, Parramatta, Leichhardt or Campbelltown.
    Do we know what the small print is behind the $1 deal to the Macarthur soccer team? Also, I would imagine being successful in attracting Macarthur soccer to Campbelltown must be like dangling a huge and tasty bait to Our Wests Tigers to join the party, cheers ☺

    Lol no that is not me, that is Chris Cornell, one of my favourite musicians! Also the singer of Cochise 😉

  • Well i’m gonna bump this. Got to ask the question. How was fortress Bankwest today? Looked like a lot of Parra fans there?

    On a fair dinkum note, bite the friggin bullet Justin! We are going through our umpteenth rebuild in a small amount of time. Put ALL of our games at one place. The players need stability and we the fans need stability and deserve the right to try to make somewhere, just 1 place, to make some sort of home ground. You want the support through ANOTHER rebuild, then give us something!

    I look at this forum and think 5 years ago arguments were over Campbo and Leichhardt. The great support now is for 1 place. Times have changed, get it done.

  • @Furious1 Actually it was much like Fortress Leichhardt of the last few yrs with must win games! But let us not let that get in the way …

  • @Snake Did it feel like home snake? It didn’t look like it. Did a Tigers chant go up at all?

  • The real question is, was that streaker a eels or tigers fan

  • @Furious1 Actually it did and there was heaps of Tigers supporters just waiting for something to get involved with … I am not the one with these issues !

  • As a WT member for the BankWest games, I can say after 4 games our fans are not supporting us there, for all 4 supposedly home games our fans were outvoiced and outnumbered…we only won 1 of the 4 games there and that was a fluke…6 LO + 6 CSS, is what we should be doing, if we can’t afford that , then we should hand in our NRL license. I’m over not having a Home ground advantage, we have quickly lost our identity…

  • @TheDaBoss said in Home Ground situation needs to change:

    The real question is, was that streaker a eels or tigers fan

    Going by the size of his tackle, def an Eels supporter

  • @Furious1 said in Home Ground situation needs to change:

    @Snake Did it feel like home snake? It didn’t look like it. Did a Tigers chant go up at all?

    Several Tigers chants went up.
    The T80 bus I was on had more Tigers fans than Parra fans and even a Magpies fan.
    The bus from Ryde to Parra on Vic Rd was packed with WTs fans

  • IDK what the real issue is but it honestly looks like our boys don’t wanna be there. Though I’ve had family members saying their own experiences at the stadium have been more than pleasant - top facilities and good atmosphere - it still looks bloody soulless.

  • It’s parras stadium… dress it up and ignore the fact all you like. But it’s not and never will be our home. This whole get with the times and future stadia crap, is just that… crap. It’s breading sterile lifeless supporters… and if that’s what it is in the future then so be it… enjoy, because it ain’t footy… even the players don’t feel connected to the place. Yes it’s great, new, and the facilities are second to none… but it’s parras and the players know it and play accordingly. Wether they mean to or not.

  • Agree with all the points, the players don’t feel comfortable by the looks of things, they need a place to call home, at the moment they look like They don’t fit in anywhere and that just shoots your self esteem and confidence. This is up to the management to get right.

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