Congrats & Thank you Benji

I just want to congratulate Benji on reaching 300 games and thank him for his services to our club.

It has been a roller coaster of ride as fan watching and cheering him on.
He’s shown the good, the bad and the ugly over the years, but without doubt he is the most skillfull player I have seen play the game and am so grateful he is a Tigers through and through.

The joy, the heartache, the frustration is all part and parcel of being a fan and I feel like i’ve been taken on one hell of a ride watching Benji over the years.

Win, lose or draw this weekend, make the finals or crash out this year, whatever the case, I know Benji has given his all for the Wests Tigers and it has been an absolute pleasure to have him play for the Tigers.

Well done Benji, you should be so proud of your achievements and you are an ornament to the game and will be spoken of fondly for as long as the game of rugby league is played.

Probably an good opportunity to post some memories too.
I’ll go outside the square a bit and skip the skillful plays and moments of class and just throw out there

The shoulder injuries - man I felt his pain and the personal hurt of losing a player through serious injury, again and again and again…

Also want to note the emotion he’s not afraid or ashamed to show
We seen him with the NZ anthem a couple of weeks ago, but I’ll never forget the tears he shed on the field for Robbie after Robbie’s mum passed away.

Hands down THE most exciting player of this generation.
Thank you Benji.

Thanks for the rollercoaster Benji , through the shoulder injuries , winning premierships , the great wins and the heartbreaking losses

Have a great game Sunday and lead us to the promised land …please

as a 21-year-old, Benji Marshall like most kids was my introduction to a rugby league infatuation. The first game I ever went to was against Canberra at Campbelltown in 2004, and I loved him ever since. as a kid it was always the white x-blades, trying to mirror his step and watching his games with pure obsession. 2005 is a year no tigers fan will forget, but the moments he produced through the years when he was in and out of the first grade team were insane.

The try he set up against Newcastle in 2006.
The chip/chase/flick pass to Collis against the Gold Coast in 2008 that was ruled a no-try.
The craziest play ever seen on a football field by an individual against Parra in 2009.

We should’ve won a second premiership in either 2010 and 2011 and the window shut. Benji obviously faced many trials and tribulations at that point but at the back end of 2013 you began to see that he was getting his mojo back, just in time to run off to Auckland for a (terrible) sabbatical.

Obviously a couple of years abroad was different, especially when you saw him playing against us, but I think without those years to reflect, Benji wouldn’t have been welcomed back. Those years cut away the ego, and brought in a realisation that he wasn’t the player he once was, and that he just wanted to come home.

Regardless of your opinion on Benji week to week, we can all agree at some point we sat there in pure admiration for the bloke. I think he of all people would tell you he didn’t expect to play 300 games through all the shoulder recos, but here we are.

Thank you for everything, Benjamin. Congratulations.

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Benji is one of the few instances where Tigers became a premium product, where we had a player that everyone could acknowledge as one of the best going around, and doing unique and exciting things every week. Whatever Kalyn Ponga is doing right now, Benji did it first.

I would say “peak Benji” was possibly the greatest moment-in-time footballer that I’ve ever seen pull on a Tigers jersey, Balmain or Wests, since 1985. Can’t speak for the Magpies because I don’t have that background, but around the time Benji won Golden Boot 2010, he was in a class of his own.

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Cmon Benji, 12 more months while everyone is feeling mushy😜

Are we getting a Benji Marshall stand at WSS? Certainly deserves one I think ! Surely Pascoe could at least do something good this season…

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Sheens butchered his career . With not signing a recognised 1/ 2 after Prince for a huge part of his prime career… never will forgive Sheens for that . What he could of been !

Benji will always be a legend in our house.
Just hope the boys on Sunday can lift to make his achievement, an afternoon to remember for the right reasons.

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Go check out this link to the NRL website and tell me we as Tigers fans were not blessed to have this man play for us.

@Toowoomba_Tiger Not going to lie… I shed a few tears. This guy is something else. WOW.

Great post Toowoomba!
I whole-heartedly agree with the positive comments and tributes… and also agree with @Snake that Sheens ruined a great attacking player in order to create and organiser… he robbed Benji of being even greater.

yep had to reach for a tissue…just to blow my nose (lies)

Sorry, also on the Tigers website

Legend. Thank you, Benji.

@Snake said in Congrats & Thank you Benji:

Sheens butchered his career . With not signing a recognised 1/ 2 after Prince for a huge part of his prime career… never will forgive Sheens for that . What he could of been !

I don’t think I have ever agreed more with anything ever said on this site. We got an amazing player and clubman out of Benji, easily the best player in this clubs history. I think the greatest thing I could say about him is when he was playing, I always thought we could win as he could do anything.

There is a tinge of sadness though as I reflect back and feel we only really scratched the surface of what he could have been, if only he had a genuine organising halfback inside him throughout his career.

Best of luck on the weekend Benji, it’s a great achievement

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