Congrats & Thank you Benji

@Toowoomba_Tiger said in Congrats & Thank you Benji:

Go check out this link to the NRL website and tell me we as Tigers fans were not blessed to have this man play for us.

It’s an absolute tear jerker - just hope Benji doesn’t let the emotion over rule him on Sunday - take it in and lead the team well.

the greatest what he gave us in 2005 he deserves to take the team to semis this year him and robbie

Hopefully the Benji and the boys lead us to a 29 point victory … we leap frog Parra and Penrith into 7th spot

I was at Orana Park the day Benji first played there for Wests Tigers and my family was mesmerized by this skinny kid who absolutely killed it.
My Dad (who was terminally ill at that time) said to me “well, I won’t be there to see Benji’s last game, but I was there for his first!”
My family will be there Sunday to honour his 300th - we’re doing it for Dad too!

Let’s all get out there and cheer Benji and the team on and to say thank you to one of the best I have ever had the privilege to see.

I remember catching a ball in row zz once at Cambo that Benji threw…

It was against Newy when he virtually single handed won us the game…

Thanks for the memories Benji…All the best in your 300th game …quite an achievement…

The club stuffed up big time moving on Benji and Robbie for those brats Moses and Tedesco will leave a stain on the club forever

You would think that the supporter base would get there tomorrow to Honour the best player this club has produced … but then again a portion of them will not as they are sulking over playing at the best stadium in the city and the proximity of it to Parra leagues!

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Do you Snake take thee Parra stadium to be your lawfully wedded wife.

Your love for this ground knows no bounds.

Our best ever. Simple as that!

Dont mind saying I hate the idea of playing Benji’s 300th at Bank West as a home game - but whole family still going - wouldnt miss it

I will not get emotional… I will not get emotional… Who am I kidding… I’ll get emotional before the game.

@WT2K said in Congrats & Thank you Benji:

I will not get emotional… I will not get emotional… Who am I kidding… I’ll get emotional before the game.

How can you not. An absolute legend of our game playing his 300th for the club he loves. The path he has taken to get here, well you couldn’t write a story like that. It’s life and all it’s twists and turns, tragedies and triumphs. Go Benji you champion.

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My brother & I will be there, can’t wait! Hope Benji & the boys get the job done.

PS. It is a great stadium.

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