Wests Tigers jerseys need to improve

Currently, the spirit and culture of the Wests Tigers is dying because of the horrible jerseys presented by ISC.

One of the biggest faults is the loss of orange and the loss of all round creativity. The Wests Tigers gave birth to some of the game’s legends in iconic and beautiful jerseys - the 2004 jersey that won the premiership stretching to 2015 when they lost that sense of creativity and partnered with ISC. A mainly black jersey presents us as any other team and not the Tigers. The boring nature of the jersey shows a lack of creativity and it needs to change. The heritage jersey this year was great - something slightly more interesting and something to admire as a Wests Tigers Jersey.

ISC seriously need to stop using their scaffolds when making Wests Tigers jerseys and make something truly iconic, creative and most importantly interesting that. By not using a scaffold, it means they are not able to make another boring jersey and make a Wests Tigers jersey that people actually want to buy and put on.

Heading into next season, either ISC needs to make a way more interesting and unique jersey that includes orange as the main colour to truly bring home the Wests Tigers or us as a fanbase designs the jerseys for the Wests Tigers by switching to another brand.

Without such a warm and cultured jersey, the Wests Tigers are dying and losing their sense of pride - no jersey and no fans to play for. Our team jersey needs to change and become more like the iconic Wests Tigers I used to look up to in such beautiful jerseys.

I drafted up a few concepts that I put together in a few minutes on BLK and I ask that you all try and use your creatvity to mak ethe best jerseys you can and post below. (attached below).
Please, We. Are. Dying, we need the Wests Tigers jersey back

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.48.32 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.39.49 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.47.23 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.47.02 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.55.22 pm.png

The problem is catering for both the Balmain Tigers and the Wests Magpies as we are a joint venture club and we need an equilibrium in our jerseys otherwise certain fans will never be happy with leaning towards one certain team. Although i am a fan of orange jerseys and that there would be nothing better than seeing a packed orange hill at Leichhardt or a packed orange stadium at cambo i don’t think it will happen for a while. I enjoyed the 2014 or 2015 orange jersey but then that wasn’t continued.

In my opinion these jersey’s this year are much better then previous years.

@matto-the-GOAT I do not like those at all, this years jersey is fantastic!

G’day @matto-the-GOAT: You have put your creative flair to good use as a starting point to get the ball rolling.
From the 5 jerseys you have produced my personal choice is for nos. 2 and 5, keeping in mind none of them have the Magpie on the sleeve.
To me, the brydens lawyers signage on the front of the jersey has been far too prominent as compared to some other sponsor signage.
My apologies for saying this @mato-the-GOAT, but I still prefer the Adidas jerseys shown on another post, cheers ☺

Current jumpers are fine… This old chestnut of a thread always pops up

@innsaneink yeah current ones are best we have had in a while!

jersey one is awesome i agree a jersey with some orange is needed as a tigers colour

How about no jersey at all, and we just use body paint…

@Jedi_Tiger said in Wests Tigers jerseys need to improve:

jersey one is awesome i agree a jersey with some orange is needed as a tigers colour

Agreed that jumper is excellent.

I actually like our current jerseys, especially the recent one with all the names on it.

I do like the first pic as well, I don’t like the others at all.

Agreed, our jerseys that are mostly black are always so bland and boring.

We should be using orange and white more and standing out rather than blending in with warriors Panthers

@marzie said in Wests Tigers jerseys need to improve:

Agreed, our jerseys that are mostly black are always so bland and boring.

We should be using orange and white more and standing out rather than blending in with warriors Panthers

Agree totally with this - why camouflage ourselves to be possibly Panfers or Warriors. Flaunt the orange/gold (the right orange/gold by the way) and stand out, make our presence felt. (Knights already trying to get into the act).

Once again i stress - how many black Tigers have you all seen. (Que Ink - and have you seen red and green rabbits etc.) - I’ll answer now … who cares about what the “Pride of the League” is, does or will do.

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Heritage jersy needs to be seen more…hkme n away jersy are considered the best in the comp and abo jersy looks great too isp could use some improving but I’d fine imo

Yeah! It’s hard to understand the Wts reasoning in not having a predominately orange jersey to stand along side a predominately black one…I mean honestly, I’m always hearing at some stage from the Tigers hierarchy we need to establish an iconic brand to take us into the future…Well! first of all we have one of the most identifiable colour combinations in the NRL… Yet! they refuse to take advantage of using that one colour “Orange” that makes us so distinguished against the other 15 clubs…Where’s the logic in that?

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