**live game thread** us vs the Eels

oh boy, I hope we can do this today…not only for Benji’s 300ths but the Knights losing and the Bronco’s/Warriors draw is kinda handy and we need to take advantage of that



Hooow good will it be to rub slimey’s nose in it, for benj’s 300th. STAY GOLDEN PONYBOYz

Up The MIGHTY TIGERS 🐯. Let’s celebrate Benji’s 300th in style.

Up the Mighty Tigers - run over that scum!!!

A decent crowd, but was expecting more.

i love how if u go onto the NRL website, it says the game is at 6:05 am…

well, I can hear the boos for the opposition on this ground, that’s something

Someone cutting onions around me…

Well I just hope it’s not a repeat of the drubbing we copped against them the first time

No Bwiath commentating… im happy

WTH r those studs that fergo is wearing

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