Robert Jennings - How Long?

How long do we have put up with Jennings? Seriously? Has nothing.

Esan as well… woeful.

I’m not normally one to join the Lynch mobs but he has to be dropped.

@Demps At least Esan has a play in him, Jennings has nothing.

He needs to be in reggies for at least the next few games,no speed and a liability in defence

the last television shot as moses kicked a goal was of jennings.
he still looks overweight.
a front rower in the making?

He is absolute poo, he is very disappointing

The problem is who we replace him with? The Magpies are just as woeful.

Jennings is about 5-7kg overweight for a winger. Needs to drop some Kg’s ASAP. Since it’s the back end of the season, I don’t see it happening.

He’s rubbish, no two ways about it. Can’t read the game, has no speed and can’t tackle.

Lucky he only signed for 2 years

@Demps I really think the best thing we can do for Esan is give him a week in reserves and bring back up with NO goal kicking… Give him 1 instruction to go out there and run, run, run… I think the GK is unwanted pressure and effects his overall game.

@hsvjones easy to say this stuff…
We gonna play MCK or Matto in the centre instead and bring Garner in…?

We need to recruit.
Esan would be an easy player to move on cos he is considered decent despite being trash.

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