321 for Round 17 vs Parra

Here goes nothing

3 benji
2 nofo
1 thomo

Bum bum bum, another one bites the dust

3 Benji
2 Nofa
1 chee kam


  1. Benji
  2. Thompson
  3. Ummmm Taylor?

We can’t seem to ever get up for big ‘’must win” games. How much motivation do we need.

Normally don’t have a go at refs but I though the standard of refereeing in today’s game was beyond bad and ruined the game.

3- Benji - tried his heart out
2 - Nofo - two tries, strong runs, solid defence
1 - Taylor - his best game for a while, looks like he’s playing for a contract

Disappointed with the forwards today. I also believe Jenning’s time is up.

3 Benji
2. Elijah
1 Mikaele

II. Nofo
I. Mikaele


3 Benji
2 Taylor
1 Mikaele

3 Benji
2 Thompson
1 Taylor

3 Benji
2 Taylor
1 Thomo

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3 Benji
2 Nofo
1 Taylor

3 Benji
2 Noffo
1 Mikaele

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