321 thread for Round 18 vs the Raiders

well another one bites the dust in classic fashion

3- Nofo
1- Matto?

Special mentions to Madge for half time spray

naughty cnr- our attack and flog bunker

CNK was solid.

3 No one really… Matterson
2 Twal
1 Nofo

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3 Twal
2 Nofoaluma
1 Taylor

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3 Nofa
2 Garner

3 Nofo
2 Garner
1 Taylor

  1. Nofoaluma
  2. Garner
  3. Mbye

Gardiner was good tonight same as Elijah Momirovski was okay.

Liddle should not play again after that pass.

Lawrence average

Momo was not OK

Mbye was not OK.

Lawrence, worse than average.

Honestly can’t really do this tonight. Mbye has diamonds surrounded by poo. No leaders. Brooks decides to play once the game is done. Benji and Robbie back to their circa 2010 tricks. Nofo tried hard I guess. Season done. Time for fresh blood.

@shakey4d agree. Good post.

@Demps said in 321 thread for Round 18 vs the Raiders:

Momo was not OK

Mbye was not OK.

Lawrence, worse than average.

With the exception of the dropped bomb I thought Mbye was pretty good in attack in the 2nd half.

Lawrence is cooked.

@Demps Demps, I don’t understand why you think Mbye was not ok? Not ok maybe compared to most other fullbacks but apart from dropping that one ball he looked like one of the only few in the backline that made metres and tried his guts out.

3 Matterson
2 Garner
1 Brooks

These guys were not great but the rest had important errors or missed tackles

@shane2801 abysmal in the first half.
Few good runs in the second.

Not good enough for mine.
We can’t just accept mediocrity.

Mbye should be unhappy with his performance.
He let the team down and he let himself down.

Defo not an 800k “OK” performance.

Titans New recruit.

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