Round 19 Discussion *Spoilers

Sharks and Cowboys get the round started. Should be a decent game. Both teams season on the line.

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Coen Hess in the centres?
You’re kidding.

Cows rolling up field rather easily

Morris what’s going… Should’ve given it to feki…

Dugan playing like Bozo the Clown 😂

Josh Dugan - wow. Just wow

Just tuning in

Drinkwatwr has been a really good pickup by cows

@cktiger said in Round 19 Discussion *Spoilers:

Coen Hess in the centres?
You’re kidding.

He’s looked pretty good there so far, better than he’s looked in the 2nd row this season…

This new kid, ronaldo seems quick

Now if he can kick goals and bend it like bekham…

Just The Prime Minster of this Country Sitting next to someone name Scott Morrison…

Liking the look of this kid on the wing for the Sharks

That was a coat hanger

Cowboys are gutsy as hell

Can we snag Ronaldo and Xerri

i am going to create a petition to permanently ban Bwaith from Commentating

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