Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 20

@fred Don’t repeat everything your told until it’s solid fact … until that it’s just plain old gossip.

@momo_amp_medo And some people on here have dodgy motives considering it’s pretty anonymous and could be say a Bulldogs troll 🤔

@CarltonDry definitely not a troll, will be there at Blacktown on saturday@1pm, to watch the boys go around, I have my own opinions on players and there abilities etc… but the person who told me is down at concord a fair bit, I just assumed that they would have a fair idea of what’s doing down there and thought I’d pass it on to other fans, mainly because I thought it was interesting what I was hearing and how different people evaluate different players and so on…

@fred keep up the info Fred I’d like to hear what’s going on some I don’t agree on but there’s a bit there that’s interesting keep it up if you hear anything more

@fred If you fancy holding up your phone and live streaming the game to youtube for us to watch that’d be cool! 😎

I don’t understand how the nswrl film every game but don’t stream them or make replays available!

Nice bit of work by Curtis Wilson. Dylan Smith opens the scoring. WT leading 6-0. 25 mins left in the 1st half

@WT2K said in Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 20:

Nice bit of work by Curtis Wilson. Dylan Smith opens the scoring. WT leading 6-0. 25 mins left in the 1st half

not livestreamed is it?

@TheDaBoss nah it isn’t, he said earlier in the week that he was going to the game.

WT leading 12-10 at HT. Dylan Smith scoring just on HT.

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Nice try by Curtis Wilson. Bit of pace shown there. Tigers leading 22-10. 25mins left

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thanks for the updates @WT2K really appreciated! If you could provide an insight on the overall team and individual performances at the end of the game that would be great!

Tigers in again via Lee-Silva. Ben Seufale has been a handful all game. Really impressed by what I’ve seen of him today. Tigers 28-10 with 17mins left

Full-time. Tigers win 34-14.

@WT2K I thought Dylan smith was good early and I’m not his biggest fan, and hooker radjovic was good, hard to film a game when your looking after a four year old which brings me to my next point thank you Kane Bradley and shondre lee Silva for having a quick chat and shaking my little nephews hand, really nice guys and didn’t realise how tall Bradley was until I was up close, will end up a big unit.

good win but considering who had dropped back it would want to be

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