Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 20

  • @TheDaBoss There’s a lot more speed than a lot of people realise on our edges. Dillon is also back & not too shabby.

    My take on reaching the 8 which could be wrong is that we need to win 2 out of the last 3. Pretty much have to get past Warriors and Dragons who play each other and we play Warriors in the last game after playing the Panthers this week and then Melbourne. Dragons & Warriors have a tough run home.

    Every game crucial. I assume Burton will be out this weekend for the Panthers and he was basically the difference last time.

    Question is which Tigers Jersey Flegg team will turn up this week?

  • Both Madden and Wilson looked sharp in that vid. Good to see. These are the boys that will be making up our CC squad next year. Much better to have the likes of Dillon, Cini, Wilson, Seufale, Smith than having McGuiggan, O’Toole, Heleta, Rochow etc

    It just baffles the mind how we managed to fail to recruit at Flegg level so badly over the pasty few years. Still at least we’re moving forwards now.

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