ESAN !!!!! About time man, Well Done

To Esan. All us Wests Tigers Fans knows your capabilities, its good to see you Gain a little confidence today as each minute passed. well done. i was your big doubter but dont stop now. Good on you man good game for you this year Pats on the back mate

Pretty sure its been a confidence thing with him, no coincidence lift in form has come with handing over the goal kicking. On another note i think this Momo is going to be a handy centre…showed lots of resilience last few weeks

@larry2005 YES Credit to him, after such a poor start last week to bounce back the way he did MOMO Good on him too to hit back keeping/earning his spot in first grade with his next 140mins of football well done

Best game i can remember for a long time for him, what a difference when he hits the ball at speed

@izotope said in ESAN !!!!! About time man, Well Done:

Best game i can remember for a long time for him, what a difference when he hits the ball at speed

And what a difference when our forwards push over the ad line consistently

Meh…don’t think he was going as bad this year as was being made out…

Was great last night but apart from his try off Marshall where he hit the hole he ran pretty much the same jink jink shimmy whoosh…

@Geo hes not been that bad, down on confidence but also much more heavily marked. I would say he is at the forefront to opposition coaches notes under backline attacking threats.

I think reliving him has taken some pressure of him

I’ve been one of the biggest critics of masters, he was ok last night…I want to see that from him every week, still not convinced just yet

I was hoping after his disastrous effort a few weeks ago that swapping kickers would be good for both him and Mbye.

Masters has lacked effort in my view for most of this season in both attack and defence, hence my previous comments about him have been that he seemed complacent in his position and needed a rocket. However last night was a big improvement so let’s hope he keeps it up and plays the game with intensity, like you’d expect from a Kiwi international centre.

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