Oli Clarke- Ubeaten 4 from 4

SO Oli Clarke the new Tigers prop is 4 wins from 4 games

I know he is only playing 25 minutes but he is running hard and his defence is really solid in the middle but I also think he has been tasked to go out and play a hard 20-25 minutes and thats it unless forced. It also means that Aloia, Twal and Mikele aren’t being overloaded and have all been playing better qulaity but a little bit reduced workload.

I am really liking the big fella especially as long as he stays unbeaten

What does everyone think

I’m a fan.
Rock solid.

Looks like a super soldier that was from Nazi Germany.

His reserve grade stats this year have been really good. I’m sure he can play more minutes, for now he’s performing his role well.

Solid player. I paid express attention to him last night and was happy with his input. Confused with his limited minutes but Madge obviously wants to bring him on slowly.

Solid player. Does the job asked of him and does it well.

Could also be Matterson playing Lock, he has been a revelation there.

A very astute buy he would be on peanuts and one that Cleary got right.Hopefully now we have given him his chance he stays loyal

I thought he has improved in every game he has played.
Last night he played really hard, run with purpose and bent the line and defended really well. Bit disappointed he didn’t make it out for a 2nd stint especially if Garner didn’t come back on.
Look forward to seeing him get more minutes and growing his confidence as he could become a fan favorite very quickly.


I’m really keen to see th Madge influence on him over the off season.

Mini Keithy…

keep it up young fella…

Lucky charm… and he is a good player

Needs some new boots, he slipped a few times while trying to get back into the line.

Liked what I say from his efforts from early rounds.
Very good solid performance from him whether he plays cc or NRL. Only young but has good juniors pedigree.
I think he may be a definite keeper.

Did the job asked of him well, better than in previous weeks. We dominated the first stanza. Much better value than packer. We need some of these foot soldiers…just need to find some raw pace. Would love to see marsters on an edge at some stage.

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