Big Game

To state the obvious, what a big game this is. Of our last 6 games I think this is our hardest and the most understandable if we lose as simply manly are a very quality team, without many injuries problems, in form and playing great footy.

That said though, a win next week which would make it 4 in a row, with sharks and roosters to follow, the possibilities are endless.

But as said, next week will be tough, i am really unsure about how we can knock off Manly. In the past few tims weve played them, they seem to be to physical, structured and well drilled for us to comepte with them. Without thinking too hard, when did we last beat them anyway? 05 at leichardt?

what ever sheens did in the week leading up to the Dragons semi, make sure he does it again this week!

Whether we end up making the finals or not, just to beat the Manly scum this weekend would make my year…

Yeh I think 05 the Fri niter at LO was our last win, we put 48 or 49 on em.
Remember that one as it was one of the rare times 9 showed the boys singing the song in the sheds afetr a win.

No we beat them at Leichardt in 2006 round 9, 24-18 when Russel Smith was ref.

They are definately beatable, if we bring the right attitude, No reason we cant beat them on current form

I hate Monday night games, but I really hope we can continue the Monday night run of form we have had this year.

If only it was at lovely Leichhardt. Oh well 😢

yeah i hate monday night too coz we gotta wait and where lower down on the ladder the whole time more preasure to sit and wait

This is a massive game. At 5-10 our season was shot, but at 8-10 there’s hope. Then again we have been in this position before, and folded badly with 6-7 games to go.

God do I want us to win this game!

If ever the boys could use some support, it will be this game.
I urge all Tigers fans to get there if you can.

Thats right InK….Wests Tigers Undefeated MNF…V the Scum…Oh if this game was at Cambo…

Remember towelling them in '05 along the way…lets pack the WSFS


….Oh if this game was at Cambo…

How great would it be if Wests could play their home games against Manly at Lidcombe Oval. Dead set, it would get that inner Fibro blood boiling. There would be nothing better. Have your Souths game at the SCG and Manly at Lidcombe. “Give me a cloud of dust and a bucket of blood” - Roy Masters

Looking extremely forward, yet anxious and nervous to next Monday night. The fear, the uncertainty, the anticipation, the optimism, the prospect of victory. It’s got the adrenalin pumping already. C’mon you Mighty Cat-Birds!!

To me Manly are looking very strong, Their defense is getting back to the standard of 2008 and their big game players are starting to get interested again. Although their is one big plus for us they will not have Stewart playing no1, he usually beats us on his own.

We will need some luck, but I think we are a chance

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