Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 22

Wests Tigers Jersey Flegg Coach Wayne Lambkin has named his side to take on the Penrith Panthers this Sunday.

Kickoff for the match is at 11:00am AEST from Panthers Stadium as the 10th-placed Wests Tigers look to continue their late season surge in to September and extend their winning streak to four in a row against the fourth-placed Panthers.

Off the back of three straight wins, Lambkin has named a strong side for the game with 2019 Development Players Zac Cini and Henry Lealuga-Puhotau included.


  1. Logen Dillon
  2. Shondre Lee-Silva
  3. Zac Cini
  4. Curtis Wilson (capt.)
  5. Liam Scolari
  6. Max Burey
  7. Ben Stevanovic
  8. Henry Lealuga-Puhotau
  9. Rua Ngati
  10. Sione Tupou
  11. Daniel Sykes
  12. Ben Seufale
  13. Jordan Main

14. Bennett Wheelhouse
15. Bryn Callaghan
17. Senn Kane
18. Lucas Castle

Big test this week but hopefully the boys are up to the challenge.

Well the Tigers have certainly found some form of late - they pumped the top 4 Panthers 34-6 and now move to 8th position while the Panthers slip to 7th. Another tough test next week against the Knights who sit 5th but we did beat them earlier this season.

@willow Good to hear. The team seem to be getting its act together at the right end of the season. Perhaps few boys ready for CC next year.

Good to see them get another win. A bit of stability in the lineup has helped them a lot. Missing Smith, Burey, Fenn and Jankovic too.

A double to Dillon, and tries to Cini, Lee Silva, Scolari and Ngati ends up with a 34-6 win. 4 in a row now and our destiny in our own hands.

Scolari always gets his name on the try scoring sheet. Good for Dillon and hope to see a few of the backs pushing for high grades.

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I wonder if they’ve been told there are FG opportunities in 2020 for those who stand out. I hope so because despite the obvious quality gap, at least the team seems to have speed.

@balmain-boy Yes a great win. Realistically we need to win the last 2 games which would get rid of Warriors (behind us) but if Dragons win both we are most likely to be behind on for and against. Saints play Warriors so a win next week to the Warriors would be good. Dragons play Raiders in the last round who are hot and cold.

Panthers should beat Bears so that would put them beyond us. Raiders will most likely beat Manly next week so if that happens we can’t catch them.

Knights however play Rabbitohs and then the Sharks so if they lost both and we win both we would jump ahead of them.

So - we need to make sure we beat Melbourne first! If we do we are still in with a good shot but still need a bit of luck even if we beat Warriors in Auckland.

Anything is possible in this competition but funnily enough the Tigers and Dragons have all the momentum and yet are both scrambling to make the 8!

@balmain-boy very impressed with the highly underrated flegg team especially the forward pack in recent weeks. They’ve only conceded around 2 tries on average over the last month or so. They’re playing like a team and working hard for each other. Two more wins and they should make the 8. Keep the dream alive!

I think it went unnoticed but the Flegg boys got another win - rolled the Thunderbolts 28-8.

@willow said in Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 22:

I think it went unnoticed but the Flegg boys got another win - rolled the Thunderbolts 28-8.

any standouts?

@TheDaBoss said in Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 22:

@willow said in Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 22:

I think it went unnoticed but the Flegg boys got another win - rolled the Thunderbolts 28-8.

any standouts?

Didn’t see the game - I was on the gun range…

@TheDaBoss A solid but unconvincing win despite what the scoreline indicates. Unfortunately we seemed to go back to our old ways, many errors with dropped balls around the ruck and poor choices with kicks on the last tackle. Early we threw it wide and looked dangerous but then the forwards starting getting out in the edges on 4th and 5th tackles and stuck the ball under their arm - bookends. (Do we not learn from what has worked well in the previous 4 weeks?).

Melbourne were poor but did have a couple of standouts who gave us some trouble particularly up the middle and we missed a number of tackles. Their 2 tries were off kicks - one high kick we let bounce near our 22m. The other was a bomb to the RHS where they had the momentum jumping forward with a pinpoint kick and good take.

Stevanovic went off injured early in the second half and that was not good for us. 2 good tries around the ruck close to the line but good sides won’t let that happen.

Fenn was a standout for me as was our 9 and Dillon looked dangerous at times and is a talent alright - needs to take the ball on the full so hopefully he will learn from that. Lee Silva very good again - has had a great season on the wing and shows a lot of mettle.

The main thing was that we won to stay alive so that is really positive and the sign of a team that can win well even though not playing great on the day. We will need to improve to beat Warriors in Auckland or it will be season over regardless of what happens with other results.

So - the season comes down to this. We must win v Warriors first of all and then wait to see if either the Bulldogs (v Melbourne) lose or St George (v Canberra) lose. It will be close and our best chance is the St George game but they have been coming home with a wet sail like us.

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@Thaiger We could also get through if we win big and souths lose big. Warriors have shipped a few points recently so it’s possible, if we’re on our game. Souths play the roosters who are doing well so they could lose by a margin.

I see our game is televised so that’s a nice bonus.

But if we don’t show up ready to rumble at 100% it’s for nothing. 5 in a row is great momentum though and if we do make it to the finals on the back of 6 in a row then all teams would be wary of us.
I reckon Felix Smith and Seyfarth will drop down to flegg this week, more useful to make the finals in Flegg than play in a dead rubber in CC. Probably not talau or bradley as the backs seem fairly stable. Hopefully Stevanovic is ok after his trip to hospital.

@balmain-boy I agree but depends on us as you said and our mindset should be turn up and do the things that have been working for us that have allowed us to win the past 5 on the trot which, in this unpredictive comp is a big positive to come out of the season. To leapfrog Souths we would need to say win by 40 and they lose by 27. Possible but not very likely but hey, England weren’t supposed to win the 3rd test!

In some respects a shame we are first game of the round so we won’t know what we need to do if it comes down to for and against. If we are up substantially, turn it on, razzle dazzle and go for broke!

Given the crazy results, a loss either by Saints or Bulldogs would not surprise and would be well on the cards. Therefore, we need to just make sure we are switched on and get the 2 points and let the others worry about themselves.

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