2020 and 2021 incomings and outgoings

Firstly, I’d like to start off by saying, lets finish this season off on a high note and put our focus on qualifying for finals footy. But going into 2020 we need to put our focus in young, exciting talents who know the club and can really steer us into the future. We need a team thats going to perform in the moment as well as building for the future which is why a mix of experience, young talents and young players who have good NRL experience. So here we go with my signings for next year:

  1. Manase Fainu. With club legend Robbie Farah leaving the club it is a great opportunity to bring in Manase, who in my opinion is the most exciting young hooker in the competition. Let’s be real, Jacob Liddle will never lead a club to finals footy let alone a premiership, he just isn’t good enough nor will he ever be. He’s a reserve grade footballer. I know Manase will be hard to pickup with Manly reportedly allowing Koroisau to move on for Fainu to become no. 1 but a big enough pay check and he will be ours.

  2. Moses Suli. Moses Suli is one of the most promising young outside backs around who is known for his ability to run the ball strong and hard. In my opinion, letting Moses go is one of our biggest mistakes in recent history as he continues to develop into one of the games most terrifying centres and is still getting better. I know he had extreme disciplinary issues but the kid has generational talent to go along with his size and speed, there is no denying that. Not only this but he is Fainu’s best mate and they’ll want to stick together, which would be huge pull power to luring Manase in. Give them both long term, big money deals and our future is sorted with two of the most exciting prospects in the game who know the club.

  3. Ryan Papenhuyzen. Obvious. Knows the club, knows those in and around the club and isn’t in the starting 13 at his current club. SHOW HIM THE CASH and SECURE THE BAG. I know a lot of clubs will be looking at him but he is off contract at the end of next year and I have no doubt that he will want to return to the beloved Wests Tigers. If we are able to secure his services from 2021 and beat our rivals to his signature it will go along way to our future success. All great, successful clubs are built on a solid core who know what the club
    is about which is why Fainu, Suli and Papenhuyzen would be ideal candidates.

  4. Kurt Capewell. A quality, versatile player who is just what every club needs. His selection into the Origin squad for QLD pays great tribute to how good he is on footy field. He adds NRL Experience, quality in a number of positions and at 26 years of age still has time to grow and turn into the player we all know he is. Not only this but he is a true leader and with Robbie gone, Benji and Brooksy playing like shit and Josh Reynolds being shown the door, we need someone to step up and maybe that can be him.

  5. Matt Burton. Was absolutely outstanding for Penrith the other night and with Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai, I believe he could find first grade footy extremely limited with Ivan favouring his son. He seems like a genuinely good bloke who will give his absolute all every time he steps out onto the field and I believe we should put the trust in him to pair either Brooksy or Benji in the halves with the other dropping into jersey number 14. Matt Burton is quality and suits the style of play we should try to build on at this club.

Thank you and let me know your thoughts. Honourable mentions who nearly made the list include: Taane Milne, Haumole Olakau’atu, Bevan French, T-Rex (Tony Williams), Jackson Ford, Nicho Hynes and Jai Field.

@tigerstprem2020 said in 2020 and 2021 incomings and outgoings:

Manase Fainu

Manase Fainu is staying at Manly, that is why Koroisai is leaving

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@NT_Tiger i understand we don’t have much money at the moment. but we have reynolds and many others whose contracts are big and will either be offloaded or have ending contracts.

A week is a long time in Rugby League…let alone 2 years

Fainu - Not gonna happen.

Suli - No

Papenhauzen - Yes

Capewell - No (the guy has missed tackles in the double figures on multiple occasions this season, ordinary player no better than what we have)

The kid from Penrith could be anywhere in 2yrs, could be working at Coles.

@TIGER Suli no? hes a top quality centre with great experience for his age. Dessie has shown his poor attitude is a thing of the past and he knows the club inside out.

@tigerstprem2020 Suli will never come back to WT- he joins a long list of players that have been moved on by WT and found greener pastures elsewhere- why would be come back and have the hassles of needing to prove his worthiness all over again? Same reasoning against those who thought Lodge would be a good WT signing. I’m sure in both their heads it was WT fault for letting them go and not persevering with their antics.

Lodge can bite me , Suli and Fainu , get back over here you quality signings in positions we are perennially weak in !! If I had all the money in the world, then sure, let’s see how our boys back up this week before we jump tho. Good post, and welcome to the forum

@tigerstprem2020 said in 2020 and 2021 incomings and outgoings:

Honourable mentions who nearly made the list include: Taane Milne, Haumole Olakau’atu, Bevan French, T-Rex (Tony Williams),

That is a particularly inaccurate title.

@Masterton more like Nonhourable Numpties (ay this stage), I rate Field…

i think papenhuzen is a must for next year

Capewell currently linked to the Knights…can’t see Papenhuyzen coming back, nor Suli.

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