Tigers - the letter we all know is true

Dear fellow tigers’ fans…

Here is a letter than we all know is true

As we approach the time of the year where all turns to bad - passes are thrown to Nick Meaney and memories of the past 7 years of missing finals conjure up nightmares - id just likes to point out how utterly shit the majority our club is.

SO, where do we begin?

Let’s start off with your grounds

Even as fans one must marvel at the absolute rubbish dump that is Leichhardt oval.
The change rooms which resemble local council public toilets, The TV’s that are smaller than most TV screens in living rooms and the old scoreboard which offers a constant reminder to how it was back in the Balmain tigers’ era the era that should’ve never been disrupted. The food is shit, you can get better food in the surrounding streets – pies are cold and the queue for beers is enormous as it’s the only saving grace to make watching the tigers play somewhat bearable.

Next, we will talk about Campbelltown.
Let’s face it, we all know that the only reason the tiger’s fans play at Campbelltown just to prove that they are the “west” tigers, and to please the people out there who are geographical can’t really go for panthers, eels or dogs. As a result, the stadium is rarely filled with last year averaging around 10,000 – that’s worse than brookie.

And then we go to Bankwest.
To continually prove that the tigers are “for the west” we decide to invade the eels at Bankwest. We all know that it’s not our home ground, frankly, it’s due to the fact that Leichhardt is only playable once in a blue moon and no one wants to go to Campbelltown. I mean I like Bankwest – it’s a great stadium – but you cannot call it a home ground and that’s the difference.

And this is the overall problem – we cannot play at 3 home grounds across Sydney and call our self a club, the simple fact is trying to appease membership sales and to promote the organisation at 3 different venues may gain more members but I think we can all agree that the culture and aura of ‘playing home’ goes missing when in fact WE DON’T HAVE A HOME.

Perhaps not having any culture in our club also transcends to the players…
Think of all the players that have left in search of something better.
James Tedesco – he went to the roosters to be in a side full of winners, this was more tempting that to play for the Tigers.
Ryan Papenhuyzen – one of a good crop of up and coming talents and we let him go?!?!
Moses Suli – yep bad attitude but look at the things he does at manly, we didn’t want to deal with him and that cost us
Nathan Brown – in 2014 he was playing reserve grade for us. Look at him now, absolute tank for the eels.
Junior Tatola – in 2015 he played reserve grade for the magpies and now has locked down a starting role for souths and is having his best year to date.
Marion Seve – played reserve grade in 2015 now playing some good footy at Melbourne
Jeremy Marshall-King – a good hooker for Canterbury who would’ve been useful with Farah’s injury if Liddle wasn’t suitable
Mitchell Moses – arguably the form halfback of the last few rounds, other than his 2018 year he has been incredible for the eels and is a constant reminder what we could’ve had with brooks.
Zac Sheerin – a great up and comer through our junior system has now signed with the sea eagles… I had raps on this bloke but hey… now he’s gone
Fifita – Probably the best prop in the game, a member of our junior system and would be a huge asset to any club in the competition. Another great example of how we let talent go.
Farah – remember when Mr ‘Leichhardt’ himself left because we didn’t want him? I think we can all agree that the dickhead Jason Taylor was delusional.

The one positive in all this is our recently developed state of the art player performance centre which will be made available soon – this is exactly what we need to be doing – creating an environment where our junior players want to be… unlike previous years…

I mean guys I love the tigers but there have to be systematic changes throughout our team and club. Obviously, I am not qualified nor have the experience to tell you what needs to change but I think something has to change in terms of the spread of home ground. We need to upgrade Leichhardt and use the Leichhardt swimming pool and surrounding ovals to expand – it’s our only bit of culture – let’s keep it.
Cheers and have a good one.

I agree with all you said but at the end of the day it comes down to money.
We get paid to play at the Banks stadiums. 100k guaranteed.
When we play at L.O and CSS grounds we sometimes lose money or just scrape a small profit after operation costs.

Government infrastructure spending on grounds seems to be centred in city centres. Parramatta and City.
Leichhardt council is inept. They never managed L.O properly.
It’s like entering a time capsule back to 1988.

@TIGERSFORPREM Please, no more sad songs for the wasteful Wests Tigers. What’s done is done. The most important thing to find out is what the club is doing to help itself out of the mess they made for themselves.

We all know the story (even if a few inaccuracies surface in your post).

No good of keep repeating the same old story, there is no value in that - give us the answers to the problems, we are all waiting for the solution.


Buying a player, even a generational talent like Ponga, is not the answer. The Knights signed him on spec, paying overs at 600K per season. He now wants 1.5M per season - not when this contract expires, but now. So if the Tigers luck out, i.e. find the next Ponga, it looks like you get 2 years before his manager comes looking for more $$, assuming he hits the ground running, which we’d obviously like him to do. The “excess to requirements” players like Matterson and the junior Kangaroo players that we are currently signing are more the way to go (in my opinion).
Ground wise, I’d love us to be such a success that we fill ANZ, but realistically, perhaps a move to the revamped SFS may be more in line with our level of success. While we are waiting for the upgrade to finish, if we continue to play at BankWest, I suggest any home fixtures vs Parra get moved somewhere; playing them there is ludicrous.
Let’s all be honest, none of us are going anywhere (Tigers for life!), if we were, we would have left by now and be sipping lattes and banging on about Sonny Bill (not realising he left the Roosters years ago).

@TIGERSFORPREM You better ask the residents action group around Leichhardt oval … there NEVER will be an Nrl side play out of there full time … better come up with some other ideas !

@Newtown don’t hold your breath next years Home ground situation is the same … they have been dividing the supporter base for 20 yrs and nothing is going to change …just real leadership and independent directors will fix the problem .

Zac Sheerin? Never heard of him

@Demps said in Tigers - the letter we all know is true:

Zac Sheerin? Never heard of him

Ed’s little brother?

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@Demps zac is a great young versatile outside back with a great step, terrific cut out ball and a mind for the game like no other. Huge loss. He’s been out for most of this season with an ankle injury

And he lives in the castle on the hill.

@oiiitigerscomeon said in Tigers - the letter we all know is true:

@Demps zac is a great young versatile outside back with a great step, terrific cut out ball and a mind for the game like no other. Huge loss. He’s been out for most of this season with an ankle injury

Sign him up, we love those sorts of players

Leichhardt is the best place on Earth as it is.
If you want fancy facilities go somewhere else, Leichhardt doesn’t need you.

I go to Leichhardt to experience the atmosphere and watch footy with other passionate Tigers fans.
I couldn’t care less about the size of the screens, or the quality of the bathroom fittings or the food, if you know the food is crap, eat before you go or after.
I’m sure you could get through a game without having to jam food into your pie hole, it’s not a hotel.

Other than that I agree, but I’d be happy to play every home game at a packed Leichhardt, bad food, small screens, old toilets and all.
Couldn’t care less!

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Well said Tiger - concur 100% and then some.

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