Brooks knee on Manly player

not a good look, let’s call it for what it was…Understand the heat of the battle and all that, but when you are a pro, you should know better, and as a supporter, these things are disgraceful to see, for the jumper worn…

It was the play that turned the game and we never recovered.
Completely reckless and selfish and I hope he does get suspended for a week so he knows how badly he let the entire club down. Braindead pathetic play

Wasn’t good. If it was a Manly player we’d be baying for blood. If he goes for it, I really hope we don’t hear the “woah is us, the NRL hates us” crap because a suspension would not be unwarranted.

Happy for him to cop 3 weeks just for the stupidity. Also have a perverse need to see what we do with a different spine, I suspect we won’t improve but some think he is a major problem.

He’ll get a fine I’d suggest …cleanskin

We just need to take footage of what McGuire did …twice

Not a fan of brooks but my initial reaction was he was trying to get up and the player on the ground held his leg and cause brooks to shift and stumble. Have another look if you can.

@tigerbalm yeah I watched the replay hoping to see that it wasn’t his fault or something to explain it, yes the player touched his foot but there was no sign of any loss of balance, the more I watched it the worse it looked. He is gone and deserves to be.

Was not impressed with it. It was totally unnecessary. One thing to rough up in the tackle, but to drop a knee on a blokes throat while he’s still on the deck is grubby.

Brooks will not be suspended for any matches. Will only be fined $1500 which can be reduced to $1350 if he takes the early guilt plea.

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Brooks charged by Match Review Committee
Dan Talintyre
Fri 16 Aug 2019, 11:29 AM
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Wests Tigers halfback Luke Brooks has been charged the Match Review Committee following his side’s Round 22 loss to the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles at Lottoland on Thursday.

Brooks was hit with a Grade 1 Contrary Conduct charge following an incident with Sea Eagles forward Jack Gosiewski that saw the halfback penalised.

The 24-year-old was hit with a $1,500 fine for the incident, which can be reduced to $1,350 with an early guilty plea. He will not miss any matches, and will be available for selection in the club’s Round 23 home game against the Newcastle Knights.

The club has until 12:00pm Saturday to enter a plea and has not done so as yet.

Brooks has played every game for Wests Tigers this season and is expected to take his place at halfback for the club’s penultimate home game of the 2019 season on Saturday as his side look to bounce back against the Newcastle Knights.

Match: Wests Tigers v Knights

very grubby. he has a tendency to get a little antsy when frustrated. hope it doesn’t happen again

@krissy @tigerbalm
I’m with Tiger Balm. There is elements of accidental contact and intentional in the tackle.
Firstly he goes to get up and the manly player grab his leg trying to force something.
This cause Brooks to drop and rest his knee on the manly players face. This I believe was accidental
From the unwarranted contact the manly player grabs his leg more and twists. Brooks then intentionally digs his knee in deeper. Until he realises his foot.
Fine seems sufficient.

Really I think Brooks has nothing to be concerned with, Brooks was trying to get off the player , then the Manly player pulled on Brooks ankle which caused Brooks leg and knee to come down on the Manly player. The Manly player caused it. Probably because he was not happy in losing the ball in the first place, The video ref should of had a better look at it

Completely correct, as he was trying to get up the Manly player graggs his ankle and nothing else can happen except him to be forced down again, don’t pull the leg and you won’t have a knee in your face I say

Got off lightly t be honest - it wasn’t a good look at all and I expected him to miss at least a week.

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