Stats. Pre Contact meters

All the talk about Stats and a lot of the indicators say we are doing really well in some areas.
A while back it was mentioned we were leading the comp in post contact meters.
While this seems a good achievement we are about mid table for actual meters gained.
My mate scoffed at the stat claiming that we are close to leading the comp on post contact meters because we do a lot of our runs in traffic and not much open space. It appears we are often met by the defence quite early.

Anyhow I have stumbled across a viewer analysis on reddit that has reviewed the correlation between the teams having the most success this year and the following stats;
Play the ball speed.
Post Contact meters
Pre Contact meters.

Interestingly 7 out of the 8 teams at the top of the Pre Contact meters ranking are in the top 8.
9,10 are the remaining teams in the eight. Not surprising we are second last on this table leading only the titans. Turns out my mate was right so cudos to you Dan!

It was an interesting little read so I’ve copied the link and the Pre Contact table below please have a read and let me know your thoughts.


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at least we r not titans…

It’s because we pass the ball back 5m when we are coming out of our own end. ANNOYING!!!

@TSupps05 said in Stats. Pre Contact meters:

It’s because we pass the ball back 5m when we are coming out of our own end. ANNOYING!!!

that matto x talau link up play last week, was really nice… i also love it when we spread the ball straight away from the kickoff

@TheDaBoss Yeah i enjoy when we spread it, but when it is one out and we throw it behind a decoy and we go know where is icky

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