Nu Brown

Plays for Dogs…played at Sharks for a bit…24 year old utIlity

Agent confirmed he met with Tigers…

Not a bad option for No. 9 whilst Liddle recovers…they can share duties once he is back…

Guess he could also cover 6. If needed…

only on minimum wage. more upside compared to Isaac Luke and Cameron King.

useless, why do u think he has not played 1st grade. has been around for ever and has never made it, hope we get someone else.

We armt in search of a cook or elite 9…we need a cheap depth option who can do decent in firsts whilst liddle is out

is he better than Soni Luke?

Yuck. Would rather ET at hooker.

Wow. We are desperate.

Where is Cameron Kings thread…?

Is there a head shaking emoji?

Its not a bad option, its a terrible option!

Surely Lichaa is better.

@Demps said in Nu Brown:

Surely Lichaa is better.

No he not he is just more expensive

@Geo said in Nu Brown:

Where is Cameron Kings thread…?

In the trash with him. Lol

Rather we just move Mbye to nine

The club are eternally in the waste bin of player movement , nothing ever changes with this organisation

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