Round 23 *live* discussion

@happy_tiger said in Round 23 *live* discussion:

The only game that matters if we look after ourselves is the Brisbane Eels game

@happy_tiger said in Round 23 *live* discussion:

@diedpretty said in Round 23 *live* discussion:

@TSupps05 said in Round 23 *live* discussion:

Want Manly to win so Canberra are very fired up against cronulla next week


They could drop to 5th if they lose …staying in the Top 4 is crucial

Eels have lots to play for as well they are still a possible Top 4 side as well

We win both our games we will be fine

Definitely - do you also realise that if Brisbane lose both games ( and that is not impossible )then 8th spot could actually finish on 24 points.

BJ Lielua certainly didn’t lose his appetite whilst he was injured…he looked very rotund today

@Tiger_Steve said in Round 23 *live* discussion:

Did anyone else see the footage of Bennett walking into the change rooms after the game? Wow! His players love him. What is it about him? He is an absolute winner. He is so good at forming team bonds.

Seibold would be choking on his corn flakes watching the footage. Or maybe choking on the humble pie he’s eating. Good lesson for Seibold: shut your mouth until you actually achieve something!

The person comes first. He is an excellent person manager. Making not just the player but their families a high priority. People are his number one priority The actual coaching is number two priority.

@pawsandclaws1 Barrick O’ Farrell ? Not familiar …

@TYGA said in Round 23 *live* discussion:

Raiders were robbed the intercept was a mile offside. Stop start penalties favours Manlys big forwards. This competition is orchestrated.

Think Manly was robbed that Leilua wasn’t sent to the bin, of course knees in the back is not foul play.

I used to like devon with tomato sauce @Fletch: I don’t as from now…!!! ☺

1 thing i loved about the knights game, was that the only way they could get a try was thru luck…in there case it was a lucky bouncing ball, that if it went thru the hands Momo would of been streaking away yet again

You know it was a good game when you keep watching it over and over and over again and still think, gees that was so good.

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