General tactics - missing some basics?

  • I’m no footballer but does anyone else notice the simple things wrong with our team’s tactics compared to others? Things like

    • passing the ball straight to another player where they have to stop and look at the defensive line, instead of passing it in front of them to run on to with momentum

    • stepping and jinking before hitting the line instead of just running it straight and hard

    • nobody running in support for an offload or to put the defense in two minds

    These are just the basics right?

    I know we have slow players but I feel like they could break a tackle or two and create something if they just ran with momentum and support.

    Maybe I’m just being an ignorant armchair critic. Surely there’s a reason we’re not doing any of this…

  • Blame Benji lol. The blokes that step and jink watched Benji growing up. Agreed though we should be hitting the line straight and hard and be running in support off line breaks looking for offloads.

  • The last point is a good point , Thompson needs to be living in Nofoaluma’s , Mikaele and Matterson’s back pocket

    And it would be nice to see our blokes coming off the back fence

    As far as using steps and jinkingve said it a thousand times , your body reacts far better the quicker you are moving and then gives you a better chance of catching defensive players out laterally

    Best example was Freddy Fittler , that big step always was best when he was at speed

  • You can add aggressive defensive line speed & putting opposition kickers on their back to that list also.

    I don’t know how many games I’ve seen Brooks get belted after a kick with no retaliation from our blokes.

  • Kick chase when a grubber is put in aswell.

  • Primary basic- passing skills and holding the darn ball when receiving it. Havent seen any stats out there but I reckon WT are up there in leading that count.

  • Our attack looks good when we play direct. Too often though we are playing sideways which is ok if you have runners hitting holes, but we don’t.

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