321 for West Tigers Vs Knights Round 23

3… Marshall
2… Nofo
1… Rest of team

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It’s almost unfair to awards points as everyone was great. Fantastic discipline and composure with the ball.

3 - Benji
2 - Brooks
1 - Nofo

Special mentions to everyone else.
Special, special mention for Momo who I thought was great; kicked well and ran the ball well. I’m happy for the kid that he’s gaining confidence.

3 - Benji
2 - Brooks
1 - Nofo

1-All Forwards

Brooks 3
Benji 2
Matterson 1


Special mention…Momo.
Extra special…Elijah Taylor. No one mentioned his first 25mins. Tackled everything, annoyed the knights, chased every kick, ran around until he collapsed. Great stuff

3 Benji
2 Nofo
1 Brooks
Toughest 321 points ever, so many players that really stood up. Yes it wasn’t Newcastle’s finest game but our boys gave it their all and I am so proud of every one of them.

  1. Benji
  2. Brooks
  3. Nofa/garner

3 Brooks
2 Nof
1 Benji

But the whole team played well and deserve acknowledgement.

3 Marshall
2 Brooks
1 Garner
also, Nofoaluma, Thompson, Momirovski, Matterson, Twal, Lawrence, Eisenhuth

3 nofo
2 Brooks
1 benji
Naughty corner to whoever called their kid Bradman

Just got back from taking Brooksey for a couple of Cheesy’s at Maccas

3 Marshall
2 Brooks
1 Eisenhuth

Honorable mentions Garner Nofoaluma Matterson Twal Mikaele Thompson Marsters Clark Momirovski Lawrence Reynolds Taylor Chee Kam Jennings

Naughty Cnr Guirra scoring his usual try against us

  1. Benji
  2. Brooks
  3. Nof

Honorable mention: Maguire, must be doing something right

@sheer64 said in 321 for West Tigers Vs Knights Round 23:

3 Benji
2 Brooks
1 Nofo

Good choices - Matto deserves a point too I reckon

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