Madge is coaching a masterclass

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Has done a great job. Deserves even more recognition than the players. He has bought this team together in the dressing room and the park. Has had to deal with injury, an inherited roster and players not living up to their salaries.

If we make the finals and win the first game he will be a serious contender for coach of the year.

I think just making the finals will be enough…

His only blind side is Jennings. You know the guy who couldn’t be more different from Nofoaluma if he tried.

I was critical of him early in the season but man, what he’s done with this team, especially with all the injuries, is pretty remarkable. Even if we lose next Sunday he’s done a great job to get us so close.

Really starting to believe he could be the long term coach we need and want.

@BalmainJnr He has to be!! That is how you have success over a long period of time.

2019 WT Defensive rankings (via SMH)

  • Ranked #1 in NRL in effective-tackle % (13th last year)

  • #1 in restricting post-contact metres (14th last year)

  • #2 for missed tackles (15th last year)

  • 7 players (or 25%) ranked among top 28 middle forwards for effective-tackle %

happy with madge all year, was excited when he signed.

thought we would be a 9-12th team this year if we scrape into finals its exceeded my expectations

@CarltonDry how is musgrove Madge’s fault!?

What he has down with our forwards has been brilliant.

To think that Clarke and Mika would be starting let alone holding their own at the start of the year - yeah right.

He is great with developing kids so hope we see more youth pickups over established players coming over next 2yrs.

Our squad isn’t anywhere near the best but Madge is making something out of nothing happen. Fills me with alot of confidence if we get the right rookie balance flowing through mixed with recruits.

@WT2K said in Madge is coaching a masterclass:

2019 WT Defensive rankings (via SMH)

  • Ranked #1 in NRL in effective-tackle % (13th last year)

  • #1 in restricting post-contact metres (14th last year)

  • #2 for missed tackles (15th last year)

  • 7 players (or 25%) ranked among top 28 middle forwards for effective-tackle %


Yes agree wholeheartedly!
He is a good coach and we are lucky to have him.
With bit of luck we could have tied down the spot in the 8 already … but than where’s the fun in that LOL.
As I said many times this season we now have a solid base to build from for next season and beyond both in terms of a playing group and on field combinations which are starting to gel. Nice way to finish the season for the coach, his staff and the players. They have worked hard and although it’s been a rocky road to get where we are … we deserve it!
It will be the time to celebrate on Sunday … no matter what the result may be.

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I think Dean Pay killed it this year, did a great job. Madge did a great job considering also

I think it’s taken a good long while to see the fruits of Madge’s coaching and strategy, i.e. players to really find their place in the structure and weed out our weaknesses.

The season is still rather lumpy overall and I think some people are basking in the current good wins and hating on Ivan-influenced 2018.

Fact is 2018 were 7th best defence based on points conceded. There is a general perception of 2018 that we burned a lot of energy in scramble defence and that sapped our attack, which is somewhat supported by the stats:

  • in 2018 we scored 377, conceded 460 points (-83)
  • to date 2019 we’ve scored 467, conceded 461 (+6).

So we have only slightly conceded more points whilst demonstrably improving the attack (last 2 weeks helpful).

However we also need to note that we won 5 lost 3 of our last 8 matches in 2018 and currently we are 4 wins 3 losses in our previous 7. So whether or not you believe “we got tired” in 2018, we can only match (and not beat) that outcome in terms of wins 2019.

I like the direction the team is going and I think there is good cohesion. I think the roster is pretty average and also highly inexperienced, to consider we started a forward pack yesterday of Clarke-Matto-Mikaele-Garner-Lawrence-Huth (bench Grub-ET-Twal-MCK) compared to Dragons Graham-McInnes-Vaughan-Ford-Leilua-Frizzell (bench Sims-Lawrie-Kaufusi-Kerr). That’s 877 matches experience vs 1078 matches experience.

I think Brooks played consistently well last year, has been a bit patchy this year, but arguably as well as he’s ever played when he does play well. So I think he’s growing into Madge’s coaching. Benji has certainly wound back the clock, I’m a real fan of what’s happened 2018.

Very happy with the blooding of Mikaele and Clarke, the way Madge obviously challenged guys like Huth, Nofo, ET, Mommers at the start of the year to try and break into the side, and it’s worked out very well the past few months.

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