The Lurker says “tense times at the Tigers “

Perhaps another rubbish article from a “writer” who seems to be targeting us over the past 24 hours .

“The Tigers’ finals pursuit is being railroaded by the threat of a player backlash over contracts and the promise of a coaching staff clean-out.

Chris Lawrence and Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe shared terse words this week after the veteran backrower felt it necessary to take his fears over his future to the media.

There’s another star player in the outside backs who is also filthy about the way his contract negotiations have stalled.

And we know Russell Packer, Josh Reynolds and Ben Matulino have all been told they can take their business elsewhere in 2020.

But the latest development centres on the Tigers coaching staff, where head coach Michael Maguire has spent the past fortnight interviewing prospective staff recruits for next season.

It’s unclear whether the current staff members have been told their futures are in jeopardy.

Cronulla’s high-performance manager Andrew Gray is one recruit on Maguire’s radar.”

Nothing to see here…Fake news day for the terminally bored and self proclaimed sports reporter… I think we’re all aware of the realities of our situation…And Madge is the right man to do the job, so let’s hope his got a really big broom.

What an absolutely useless article.

‘Star’ back is Esan, who has already said it is not true.

Assistant Coaches unaware? Sandercock was already told and it was announced by the club he is not wanted. Official.

Honestly, I weep for modern ‘journalism’.

Most jobs are performance based. Any of the assistants that have been here through they Potter/Taylor/Ivan eras should be fearing for their jobs, and should be showing Madge what they did to assist these coaches or what they wanted done they the coaches did not follow up.

Otherwise you are part of a coaching group that have failed to perform and should consider yourself lucky that you have not followed the head coach out the door.

By and large the head coach should have the right to appoint their own assistants, and they should all have similar end dates on their contracts (or clauses) so that if the head coach goes, the assistants can be punted immediately.

The Tigers finals pursuit isn’t being railroaded by a player backlash (we’ve won 2 in a row). It’s being railroaded by grubby gossip columnists incessantly writing this crap in the lead up to a big game. I’m awake to these parasites.

Didn’t Matulino announce his retirement only a few weeks ago???

@OzLuke said in The Lurker says “tense times at the Tigers “:

Didn’t Matulino announce his retirement only a few weeks ago???

Not that I have heard.

“Tense times for the Lurker”

The "Lurker’s career pursuit is being railroaded by the threat of a reader backlash over inaccurate reporting.

One NRL source said, “His success rate is about 20%. He is the Titans of journalism.”

@Masterton Titans of Journalism, you’re being generous.

Substitute a few names in the “article” and it could be about the Sharks, Dragons, Cowboys etc etc.Cut and paste schoolboy stuff.

True or not, it’s up to the players to put any distractions aside, go out there and win. I’ve never been more ANGRY at this football club than Sunday afternoon, September 4th, 2016. That first half of football was embarrassing.


The Lurker is a gossip column. That’s why no real name is attached to the columns.
He/She can write anything without tarnishing their name.
It’s clickbait for those who love behind the scenes drama.

I class this as satire. Not journalism.

The Lurker needs to find a job

No one has gone looking for their car keys in the escape chute like Hoppa. No one has defrauded a charity or bet against their own team, like timtam. No one is tanking like slimey, no one looking for a new dentist like Teddy the [censored]. No one is accepting “it is what it is”, instead the players are actually trying to improve. I think we will even have the same coach next year.

If these are tense times I’ll take it every single week of every single year for the rest of Wests Tigers existence.

@steve-o said in The Lurker says “tense times at the Tigers “:

I’ve never been more ANGRY at this football club than Sunday afternoon, September 4th, 2016.

I agree. It was a real low point in our history.

The only comfort for me is that there are only 5 players from that match playing on Sunday: Nofo; Brooks; Rowdy; ET; and MCK. Aloiai played also, but he is injured this time around.

So, it’s a new team and a new coach and I expect to see a new steel and resolve in our performance.

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