**live game thread** us vs the Sharks

oh boy…how nervous are we??

Not really. I’m brimming with confidence.
Although that might be the Jack Daniels.

I feel like a father in the waiting room of a hospital for the delivery of my child.
Pacing and looking at the clock every 30 seconds.

Yeah, the nerves are setting in - can only wonder how the players are feeling and those at the ground. Win, lose or draw today, I just hope the boys turn up to play and give it their all - at the end of the day if they are beaten by a better team, well so be it, just don’t beat yourselves.

You’d be absolutely filthy watching this pre show if you were a Sharks fan. It’s all about us. You wouldn’t know the Sharks are playing.

How’s the Powerade Bwaith! The Tigers are gonna leave you in tears today!

She’s packed out …083E58E0-38A7-4DC9-A4BC-BC7C80CCF361.jpeg

Fox are terrible. Their headlines are things like “Robbie robbed of farewell game”… Honestly !!!

Greenburg talking on the telly, not to the fans I see. They would tear him apart.

Just getting in early with my ref slander… images.jpeg

I’m already crying, I’m so nervous!!

It’s deadset like 05 GF. I couldn’t even eat that day, just chain smoked all game. Good thing i’ve quit smoking by now.

Thompson looked hurt in the warmup?? Benji told him to go up the tunnel, his ankle I think.

SO DAMN NERVOUS … carn the tigs

@TigerTiger Me too 2005 chain smoked all day - no more smokes for me now just walking back and forth

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