Bye Farah

❤ bye robbie, sorry we couldnt send u out on a better note, feel free to gp punch gallen, or toddie for us

Enjoy the rest of ur life after league

@Jimmy said in Bye Farah:

@TheDaBoss why banned?

Had a pretty severe meltdown in the live game thread.

@TheRealDaBoss said in Bye Farah:

@Jimmy said in Bye Farah:

@GNR4LIFE what did he say? Rip

idk, i dont think i said anything that bad, i did get worked up a bit lol

Now, hopefully i dont get myself Banned on this account 😑

Probably not wise creating another account and making it known, 5 minutes after you were banned on your original

last edited by GNR4LIFE

@GNR4LIFE must have been swearing

@Jimmy said in Bye Farah:

@GNR4LIFE must have been swearing

Stupid decison on my part… its was the correct move by willow banning me… im a idot for being a key board warrior, and not thinking before i post…

HOpefully, im allowed to continue on this account and keep participating in this great community

Wow! @TheDaBoss this is a surprise, but I guess if anyone was going to lose the plot it would be today…

You get a reprieve for now…

@TheRealDaBoss get that Ivan boi back as your profile pic and your good in my books😂😂

@Jimmy said in Bye Farah:

@TheRealDaBoss get that Ivan boi back as your profile pic and your good in my books😂😂

@Jimmy willow is a kind person… and has allowed me to have my account back for now…

This forum is one of the best imo very fair and modern

Yes, I agree, Bye Farah. As I feel we will be a much better team next year without him.
Without a doubt, he has been the most divisive player we have had since the inglorious days of Benny Elias.

All the best Robbie.
Club legend.

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