Season 2019: Pass or Fail?

Simple question:
In your view…

All expectations were met, some were exceeded.
I’d give us a pass mark.

A thumbs in the middle for me.

Pass for me. I expected to be bottom 4 so I feel we did well to be in the hunt until the last round.

Fail. I think the squad over performed while effectively playing with a $6 million salary cap but I am dead set over falling short and I’m done with having excuses.

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Everything to play for today and they just didn’t get up for it…this club just never learns from past failures…fail

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Pass mark noting our salary cap and roster problems inhibiting selections and difficulty moving on unwanted players furthermore the lack of usable and quality depth showed towards end of season. Kudos for the players and McGuire in getting us this far after a horrendous end to last season and the dislocation leading up the 2019 season start.

Now, time to start addressing known issues.

I think next year though I’ll be marking success or fail a lot harsher.

The bravery, heart and drive of this team is first class. You can not fault a team that gives it’s all most weeks. End of the day talent wins and we need to fix it now Wests have cash to invest .
It will turn just like it did for the Sharks 5 years ago.

Considering we had a reduced cap and much of that cap was sitting on the sidelines all year i gave a pass mark,The cleanout needs to continue.

No excuses… F

I hate people making excuses for failure

Its a Pass. Seriously look at the 2 rosters on display today. Our backs couldn’t hold a candle to theirs for speed and agility bar Brooks. Our front row stocks were depleted for a long time this year and those young fellas that were there grew and grew into the role. Their work out of dummy half was way quicker.

The simple facts are at this point we lack the class our opposition had today and unless we can move on some dead wood, it’s unlikely it will be too much different next year unfortunately. As a general rule, the team have turned up every week and that about all you can ask.

I long for the day we are entrenched in the 8 well before the last round.

A pass for Maguire getting Padcoes/Ivans team to 9th.

Another failure as a club.

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