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@Furious1 interesting. A swap with Tyrone May.

Clark, Twal, Mikaele, Aloiai are all very young forwards. If we could keep them and develop them plus replace Matulino, McQueen and Packer with players who actually get on the field and make a difference our team looks alright.

No mate, not a swap with May. I was emphasising may, because its far from a certainty. No cryptic message lol.

I’m down to give Mbye another shot at fullback as I feel he offers more than Thompson at the back and his form was hampered by injury earlier in the year. So a backline of:

  1. Mbye
  2. Nofoaluma
  3. Momirovski
  4. Talau
  5. Thompson ?? Or maybe someone else

Would be more potent in attack, we desperately need something else in the backline because it clearly is not working. Even Momirovski who has been on fire recently, would need to be replaced by a someone more talented.

Everything for our 2020 roster depends on which of the players that are not contributing to our 30 man squad, we are able to move on. The same guys are being mentioned by everyone - Packer, Mats, McQueen, Rochow, Jennings - possibly Reynolds, Marsters (maybe wants out). Fingers crossed that we are successful and some of these guys go elswhere - if so it’s clear we need some outside backs and perhaps one second rower and a couple of props. I think most are agreed - the question is how much we will have to spend and how many spots will we have - and this is where Madge will be earning his $$ over the coming months.

Probably the only thing I’m looking forward to in 2020, is the development of some of our younger guys. Supposedly there is talent in jersey Flegg, I haven’t watched any games but from what some of the forum members are saying, seems like there is talent there. Not only Flegg, but CC players like Talau, Madden Seyfarth and Bradley.

  1. Nofoaluma
  2. Momorovski

8. Aloiai
10. Mikaele
11. Garner
12. Matterson
For me that’s as much into next year as I can see.

@matchball said in Team for 2020:

Too soon to even absorb your post. Give it a week.

Agreed. There’s a long off-season ahead, let’s not use up all the possible conversation threads now.

  1. Nofa

  2. Moma

  3. Benji

  4. Brooks

  5. Aloiai

  6. Matterson

  7. Garner

  8. Miakele

  9. Taylor

Most of the others are interchangeable average players

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I haven’t seen the show he was on but reading through the league unlimited wt forum… Reynolds was on an show this week and they asked if staying and playing nine was an option next year… he said no and that he’d rather leave and play 5/8 elsewhere as that’s what he sees himself as.

That is because he is a 5/8th, I have said for months, if Grub stays, Benji has to go, we need the roster spot to pick up a 9

We have plenty of issues. I can’t imagine us improving next year with any lineup made of existing players.

I can’t imagine how we could possibly unload Packer unless for extremely bargain dollar signing for some club. Hopefully we can medically retire Matulino at least. Not sure the latest?? Still a bit stressed NRL won’t allow it (cmon seriously).

Reynolds might get signed for a few hundred K, if that proves worth it to the club.

At least Lawrence is at an end.

  1. Thompson

  2. Marsters

  3. Nofo

  4. Benji

  5. Brooks

  6. Mikaele

  7. Mbye

  8. Matulino

  9. Garner

  10. Matterson

  11. Aloiai

  12. Twal

  13. Eisenhuth

  14. MCK

  15. Lawrence

  16. Elijah Taylor

Sign a gun fullback, centre and right edge backrower. Have 3 middle forwards and MCK on the bench.

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With the HIA becoming a bigger factor we need to be smart how we recruit. Backup is becoming more important. I think Mikaele, Garner, Aloiai and Taylor are prime candidates and we need to look at cover for them. The 30 player squad the NRL have enforced is now redundant.
We still need a fullback and hooker as our priority, with one being the backup kicker to Momo.
Thomo makes a very good utility backup, as does MCK, but we really need size and agility in the back three.
Mybe and Momo as our centres might be the go.

3 Mybe
4 Momo
5 Nofo - showed enough to persevere
6 Benji
7 Brooks
10 Mikaele
11 Garner
12 Aloiai
13 TBA

14 Twal
15 Eisenhuth
16 MCK
17 Thomo

18 Taylor

Hopefully we can move on Packer, Reynolds, Masters, McQueen, Rochow and Jennings.

Modified to get rid of both Mats 21/09

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I’d be looking for Logan Dillon, Liam Scolari, Curtis WIlson, Tommy Talau an a few other youngsters to eventually step in next year. We cannot go in with much the same squad next year.

@TonyH said in Team for 2020:

I think 2019 has been a pass for our club. We have a lot of things we need to sort out in the offseason (packer, matulino, reynolds, marshall, lawerence) but I can see us really improving in 2020.

The emergence of Momorovski, Garner, Mikaele and Clark is a real positive and a step in the right direction. Another off season under these players belts and hopefully a signing or two (if we can move on Matulino and Packer) and I think we aren’t that far off next season.

My team:

  1. Thompson

  2. Nofoaluma

  3. Momorovski

  4. Marsters

  5. Jennings

  6. Marshall

  7. Brooks

  8. Twal

  9. Reynolds

  10. Clark

  11. Lawerence

  12. Garner

  13. Matterson

  14. Mbye

  15. Aiolai

  16. Mikaele

  17. Taylor

We’re really lacking one or two out and out middle forwards. If we can’t sign one for next season we really need to target a Jai Arrow or the like for 2021 to put us in a solid position.

Ive only read the first post here. I cant cop supporting half of these guys again.

Was at the ground and players like Marsters and Jennings displayed such a pathetic attitude that i just can no longer support them in the future.

Half of this squad are soft to the core and need to be put of their misery.

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I wanna see Milky’s team for 2020…is he still around?

@The_Patriot Marsters is too comfortable in his spot and gives me feels that he has a big head. Get your head down and work hard, doesn’t mean becuaee your club mates told you, that you’re our x-factor, you stand there and do you shimy and step around. Run hard and tackle hard. I hope he starts the year off in CC next year.

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