321 for Sharks Game Round 25

Okay, i think this was forgotten amongst the midst of everything… once again keep posts to 321 only to make things easier for @old_man_tiger

3- Nofo
2- Matto
1- Mikaele

Looking forward to seeing the results @old_man_tiger

G’day @TheDaBoss: Such a forgetable/disappointing game for me personally, I really cant recall anyone playing well enough to be points rated, and it’s only 3 days after the game ☹

3-Ben Cummins
2-Peter Gough
1-Dave Munro

Have enough trouble remembering what I had for lunch unless it was super tasty, but will go on who I recall effort wise.

3 Nofo
2 Taylor
1 Brooks

3 Smith
2 Cummins
1 Labuschagne


But really, no-one had a good game. Nof was certainly invisible for large chunks. Thought he was one of our worst.


Leichhardt Oval
Leichhardt Crowd
Leichhardt Atmosphere

3 Brooks
2 Nofo
1 Garner

3 Brooks
2 Nofo
1 Garner

I will tally these for completeness, but it is a bit of a bummer how the season ended, still need to do the dragons game too

3 Brooks
2 Nofo
1 Garner

3 Robbie
2 Garner
1 Marsters

If there is some kind of season tally on these things then

Matto 3
Garner 2
Twal 1

@oldprop said in 321 for Sharks Game Round 25:

3 Brooks
2 Nofo
1 Garner

Put me down for the same

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