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  • Ive been noting for some time that we seem to have a less than stellar record when it comes to recruitment and retention, junior development, coaching support staff ie reserve and junior grades and medical staff- who can forget the Dr Krah (?) for WT who whenever he seemed to treat a player, they came out worse for wear. For all those who were pleased to see McDonnell go, he has come back again. Kelly Egan did not seem t do a good job as football manager- I’d hold him responsible for the salary cap mess created by Cleary- he was the check on Cleary not Pascoe.

    Is there a list somewhere of our successive background support staff and managers going back to about 2010? I’'m trying to match the disconnect WT seem to have been suffering from. I’m estimating it began the last couple of years when Sheens was getting very stale at WT and continued on throughout the coaching merrygoround we had.

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