17 NRL Teams - Finals System

Just having a think to myself…

If the NRL introduced a 17th team, the finals could play out a bit differently and the minor premier could be awarded an automatic grand final position.

Minor premier proceeds to grand final…

2-9 play it out in the exact fashion the finals are currently played…the ‘grand final’ would be the final qualifier…

Would 3 weeks off for the minor premiers be an advantage?

still would be roostyers vs storm every year

So the fairest way would be

1st v 17th
2nd v 16th
3rd v 15th
4th v 14th
5th v 13th
6th v 12th
7th v 11th
8th v 10th

9th misses finals

@happy_tiger so we’d miss the finals every year still?

The Roosters, Melbourne, Brisbane and Souths automatically qualify and get a 2nd chance.

The other 13 teams playoff to find 6 to make a top 10. Bottom 6-10 play losers out. 4 that remain play each other, losers out winners play the losers of the chosen 4’s games.

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