NRL calls on fans to voice their opinion

NRL calls on fans to voice their opinion
Troy Whittaker Reporter
Mon 14 Oct 2019, 10:01 AM

After implementing changes to create a more free-flowing competition this year, NRL head of football Graham Annesley wants fans to give their views on the state of the game on the field.

Through a 26-question survey on, supporters have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on what is working well and where the game could improve.

As well as the opinions of players, clubs and administrators, the results from the fan survey will form a data pack that will be discussed by the NRL’s Competition Committee on November 7.

The committee will then pass on recommendations to the ARL Commission, which will decide whether to implement any changes.

Annesley said the challenge for the 2020 season is to build on this year’s progress by making play easier to officiate and “more exciting and unpredictable”.

“We set out at the start of the year to reverse what happened in 2018 where there were 700 additional penalties [compared to 2017],” Annesley told

NRL head of football Graham Annesley.
NRL head of football Graham Annesley.
©Nathan Hopkins/NRL Photos
"We’ve virtually eliminated all of those to take us back to a more normal setting in keeping with previous years.

"It meant fans were watching more football with less stoppages - we were having in excess of two additional sets and almost two minutes more ball in play per game on average.

"Now we have to look at how we continue to ensure the people who play the game and the people who watch the game get as much enjoyment out of the game as possible.

“It’s very important what our key stakeholders think and of course our fans are right at the top of the list.”

In addition to being able to rate the standard of play and officiating in 2019, fans can weigh in on a range of topics including:

How games drawn after 80 minutes should be decided
If the rules should be changed to reduce scrums
Whether the Bunker should be used more to get more correct decisions
The potential to bring back the five-minute sin-bin
“All of the things that are going to be discussed and the questions that we’ve asked in the survey, none of them are hard and fast proposals,” Annesley said.

“We want to get a broad range of opinions and then have the discussion. Some of these things may go nowhere but others may well have some attraction for implementation by the Commission.”

Annesley said it’s possible that rule changes could be brought in as soon as 2020 after any Competition Committee recommendations are considered by the Commission.

NRL referee Belinda Sharpe.
NRL referee Belinda Sharpe.
©Jason O’Brien/NRL Photos
“It would depend on the impact of the change and whether we think there is sufficient time between now and next season to give clubs and players enough time to prepare,” Annesley said.

"We want to make the game as entertaining as possible but we’ve got to make sure we maintain the fabric of the game.

“This game’s been around for 110 years and whilst it’s evolved and will continue to evolve, we’re not talking about anything outrageous or redesigning the game.”

The Competition Committee includes Annesley, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg, commissioner Wayne Pearce, incoming ARL Commission chairman Peter V’landys, Australian coach Mal Meninga, Panthers mentor Ivan Cleary and his Cowboys counterpart Paul Green, Hall of Fame member Darren Lockyer, RLPA general manager Clint Newton and premiership-winning ex-coach John Lang

there is a option in the survey to give ur own feedbaxk on any rule, naturally i said to stop rigging games, gonna be intresting to c the results of some of the questions

The key question is not asked which is 1.Do you feel the current NRL administration are doing a good job and if not why not?

I would think that they dont really want the public to tell them the truth just answer a few peripheral questions

last edited by jadtiger

Why is Ivan on that commitee?

Did the poll. Seems to me they left out a few prudent questions 🧐

It is mostly questions about free flowing games and reducing penalties. If you blow less penalties, the teams will break the rules more.

I really think the NRL should be dealing with more important issues.

good to see the bunker want more technology to rule on offsides…

forget using technology to rule out forward passes…

waste of time

What a waste of time. Guys like Greenberg have shown very little interest in an even and fair competition. Theyve taken some players out to dinner and other written references for. Theyve fined some clubs a small amount for very serious salary cap issues while fining ours for very minor issues. They have shown their true colours and will only change things that suit the power clubs.

Anyone thinking theyll listen is deluding themselves. This is a PR stunt!

Like plenty of so called surveys, you never ask questions that might expose you or embarrass you.

Okay nice they are asking questions about golden point, but let’s give the fans a real chance to express their thoughts on the game and why it is on a rapid decline.

I put…I would like to see the ball explode everytime Cammy throws it forward from dummy half…that would be exciting…

I just read through the survey and agree that there is nothing there to get excited about. There is no question that addresses the competition being a level playing field; E.G. Do you agree that the Telstra competition is lopsided and a number of clubs make it into the top four most years with talent stacked sides?
There is only the one open question #24. “If you could introduce one rule innovation to make the game more unpredictable and entertaining, what would it be?” Perhaps that could be used to address the elephant in the room but I didn’t bother. Didn’t answer the questions as I didn’t want to justify their bogus survey.

Just did it , wanted two coaches challenges which can be used at any stage during a game

This is an organisation that refused to allow a testimonial for Farah or Marshall but buys jewellery for Mrs Smith. As if they give a flying fig what the average punter thinks…

@happy_tiger said in NRL calls on fans to voice their opinion:

Just did it , wanted two coaches challenges which can be used at any stage during a game

I wrote that the bunker would explode when incorrect decisions are made after witnessing more than half a dozen replays.

A lot of cynics in here.

If the NRL was legitimate about listening to fans input, they’d still lose out, because half the folks wouldn’t believe them anyway.

@jirskyr said in NRL calls on fans to voice their opinion:

A lot of cynics in here.

If the NRL was legitimate about listening to fans input, they’d still lose out, because half the folks wouldn’t believe them anyway.

You don’t think exploding balls are exciting…?

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